Kratom Legality In The United States

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The ongoing debate around Kratom legality in the United States has continued for almost five years now. Although there was an attempt by the DEA to classify Kratom as a Schedule I substance on a Federal level, a significant pushback from the community, both through Congress, as well as through the White House, thwarted their efforts.

The DEA has since passed the matter over to the FDA, which is known to be tremendously prejudiced against herbal supplements. Unfortunately, several local authorities also took matters into their own hands and have already outlawed the plant in several states and/or cities without much debate on the matter.

Kratom Legality Map

To keep tabs on the legal status of Kratom across U.S. territory, we’ve prepared a Kratom legality map that is meant to help both beginners and experienced users who must travel on a regular basis. The chart is regularly updated whenever there is news and/or progress regarding Kratom legal efforts.

Whenever you have to ask yourself “Is Kratom legal?”, you can consult this map and get the information you need on a national level.

Find out if Kratom is legal in your state

What Can You Do About Kratom Legality?

This is what the Kratom legality map looks like right now. As soon as there are any updates regarding Kratom across the United States, they will be included in our chart.

Even if the plant is banned in several areas, this doesn’t mean the public should just accept the status quo. If you happen to live in a place where Kratom is illegal or where local governments are planning to ban it, talk to your representative personally and tell them why this is unnecessary and potentially harmful. It is your right as a citizen.

By informing your representative about Kratom, you can also be part of the fight for Kratom legality in the U.S alongside the best kratom vendors.