Is Kratom Legal in Pennsylvania?

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As is the case with many of the Northeastern States, Kratom is currently legal and unregulated in Pennsylvania. You can easily find it at many tobacco and head shops in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, as well as throughout the smaller towns of this original colony. A recent bill, however, might, change things in the near future.

Is Kratom Legal in Pennsylvania?

Is Kratom Legal in Pennsylvania in 2019?

Until 2019, there have been no serious discussions about outlawing the sale, purchase, or consumption of Kratom in the state of Pennsylvania. However, as of April 2019, a House representative declared their intention to introduce a bill which would give Kratom the status of a controlled substance. To garner support for his initiative, the lawmaker sent a memo to his House colleagues wherein Kratom is explicitly portrayed as a drug that destroys lives and families.

To date, there has been no official initiative in this direction, possibly due to lack of evidence. The attempt was likely spurred by a lawsuit filed against a known Kratom distributor, SoCal, on behalf of a Chester County family. The aggrieved party was under the impression that their son’s heart attack was, in fact, caused by a Kratom tea he had had earlier that day. Even though the trial’s result is pending, this is a highly unsubstantiated claim that has not been scientifically verified. 

Given the intention of local authorities to maintain the herbal supplement legal throughout their state, it is likely that an initiative to label Kratom as a controlled substance will fail. Nevertheless, many local representatives have shown interest in a Kratom Consumer’s Protection Act bill, which could help regulate the industry by enforcing a packaging and labelling standard on vendors. 

Can You Buy Kratom in Pennsylvania?

Since Kratom is legal in Pennsylvania, you can buy and consume it without fear of legal repercussion. As a general rule, however, it is advised to stay away from small, local vendors, since there is always a risk that their products are cut with harmful, synthetic substances. Even when this is not the case, there is no law to compel these shops to test their product for contaminants. 

Conversely, certified online vendors, such as The Golden Monk, abide by strict safety and quality standards with regards to their products. Aside from the fact that you know you are getting pure, unadulterated Kratom, each batch is tested for possible toxins.