Is Kratom Legal in Michigan?

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At present, Kratom remains legal in Michigan in spite of several attempts to classify it as a controlled substance. However, a new bill proposed in August 2019 has raised serious concerns with the local Kratom community. And for good reason.

Is Kratom Legal in Michigan?

Is Kratom Legal in Michigan in 2019?

As of 2019, Kratom is legal to use, sell, and grow in Michigan. This is not to say that there weren’t attempts to change its legal status, however. Back in 2014, a bill was first introduced that aimed to qualify Kratom as a Schedule V substance. This class included substances with medicinal purposes that could only be obtained with a prescription. Thanks to the support of the local Kratom community, the bill failed soon after it was proposed and consumption of this natural remedy remained unrestricted.

A tragic case that took place in 2017 generated new reasons for concern. Eric Genautis, a young man who had been injured in a car accident and was taking opioids to manage his pain, died in his sleep at the end of 2017, allegedly due to acute Kratom toxicity. The fact that his death was tied to Kratom was completely misguided. First, although Kratom does have opioid-like properties, it cannot cause respiratory depression, which was actually the cause of death in the case of Eric Genautis. Secondly, the man was addicted to proper opioids at the time and it is far more likely that this addiction lead to his tragic death.

In spite of this information, four more deaths were linked to Kratom in Michigan in 2018. Although the connection was equally tenuous, this has led to a new bill in August 2019 that is meant to classify Kratom as Schedule II. If the bill passes, it will ensure that consumers can only buy and use Kratom if they have a medical prescription for it.

Can You Buy Kratom in Michigan?

It is currently still possible to buy Kratom in smoke and vape shops throughout Michigan. However, these products are rarely, if ever, subjected to quality tests, which can lead to a number of potential health issues.

Our recommendation is that you buy your Kratom powder from a certified online vendor such as The Golden Monk. These sellers are far more likely to ensure that their products observe the highest industry standards, especially since their businesses depend on feedback from consumers.