Is Kratom Legal in Minnesota?

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As of 2019, it is perfectly legal to use, own, grow, and sell Kratom across the state of Minnesota. In fact, this is one of the new states in the USA where no attempts to alter the legal status of this natural remedy have occurred to date. Furthermore, there is no reason to believe that this will change in the future.

Is Kratom Legal in Minnesota?

Is Kratom Legal in Minnesota in 2019?

No bill was ever forwarded to the Minnesota Senate with the intention to ban or regulate Kratom in this state. As such, the herb maintains its legal status to this day and can be purchased by any person aged 18 or higher. Aside from the age requirement, there are no restrictions imposed on either those who sell or those who purchase Kratom in Minnesota.

There are several theories why this is the case in spite of the wave of negative comments and misinformation surrounding Kratom over the previous years. Indeed, statistics show that states across the West Coast are more likely to tolerate the idea of “alternative medicine” than those in Middle America. Since people in Minnesota understand that Kratom is a viable way for those who suffer from chronic pain and other conditions to ameliorate their symptoms, no one has ever felt the need to change the legal status of this natural remedy.

This does not, however, mean that the work of local Kratom supporters and the American Kratom Association is complete. As more false information surfaces about Kratom, it is up to each consumer to demonstrate that the substance can be consumed responsibly and that its benefits far outweigh any potential side-effects.

Can You Buy Kratom in Minnesota?

Since Kratom is currently legal in Minnesota and there is no indication that this will change in the future, you can find different varieties in most local tobacco and vape shops. The issue with purchasing your powder or capsules from these stores is that the products often go unchecked and may be adulterated with other, potentially harmful substances.

A far more reliable way to obtain your Kratom is to order it from an online vendor you trust. For example, we have worked with The Golden Monk for several years and have never been disappointed with the purity of their powders. In addition, their products are consistently tested in 3rd party laboratories, while the results can be accessed by any customer online.