Is Kratom Legal in Colorado?

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Colorado has a bit of a tumultuous history when it comes to Kratom products. In 2017, Denver’s Department of Public Health and Environment moved to restrict the possession and selling of Kratom within the city confinements of Denver. The plant can still be purchased and bought within Denver, so long as it’s not intended for human consumption, which is similar to the situation in Canada. 

As of 2019, the town of Parker outlawed all merchandising of Kratom.

Is Kratom Legal in Colorado?

Is Kratom Legal in Colorado in 2019?

Denver’s DPHE claims that their legal decision came as a result of the fact that Kratom is not FDA-approved, as well as the fact that the plant has a link to opioids. Needless to say, there are thousands of products (dietary supplements, and herbs, just to name a few) intended for human consumption that do not have the FDA’s approval. Furthermore, Kratom cannot be likened to opioids since it only behaves as a partial opioid agonist and it is in no way related to opium.

Castle Rock had a temporary ban on upcoming Kratom businesses, but this was lifted as of June 2019, when the town decided Kratom is legal for anybody over the age of 18. The lack of regulation in what concerns the quality of Kratom products continues to cause a bad name for the plant. The latter is the main reason why, as of October 2019, the town of Parker banned the sale of Kratom.

The reason behind Parker’s Town Council are tentative associations made on the basis of people who overdose on drug cocktails and end up in the ER. No causation link was ever established between a product containing pure Kratom and any of the alleged side-effects (let alone deaths) that the authorities claim to be caused by this natural remedy.

Can You Buy Kratom in Colorado?

With the exception of Parker, you can buy Kratom anywhere in Colorado. If you’re in Denver, it’s likely that your product will also be labelled as “not intended for human consumption,” so it won’t have any directions related to the appropriate dosage. 

To ensure that you’re getting a pure Kratom product, however, we advise you buy it online, from the best kratom vendors. Certified websites, like The Golden Monk, must abide by KCPA standards where the bill was already passed. What this means is that all their batches are tested for safety and purity purposes.