11 Best Kratom Vendors in 2020

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Let’s say you’ve researched some of the benefits of kratom and you’re ready to make your first purchase from the best kratom vendors. Your first obstacle is deciding on a place to buy it from. Who can you trust to provide you with pure Kratom? If you’re not sure which vendors to choose from and what you’re looking for in a trusted source, we’ve got a breakdown to help simplify your predicament.

Here, you can learn more about which products and services you ought to look out for when evaluating a vendor for yourself. By reading through our reviews, you’ll get a good idea of what you should pay attention to when you buy kratom online.

best kratom vendors online

Compare the Best Online Kratom Vendors

All of these vendors have met our baseline standards as trustworthy purveyors.  We compared each vendor’s reputation and claims for the safety and quality of their products, as well as the company’s customer service and, of course, pricing. We feel it’s the vendor’s responsibility to help educate its clients and, for this reason, we’ve also rated these vendors on how informative (and intuitive) their sites are. The result is a descending list of the most reputable and popular places to buy kratom online.  

  • Approved with the American Kratom Association GMP Program
  • Free USPS Priority on orders over $49.99
  • Friendly phone and email customer support team
  • High alkaloid strains
  • Same day shipping
  • Durable, discreet, double-packaging to prevent
5/5 Rating
  • Regulated quality control management and lab-testing
  • Same day shipping
  • GMP-Lab-tested quality control
  • Wide variety of powders available
  • Wholesale partnership programs available
  • Durable, discreet, double-packaging to prevent
4.7/5 Rating
  • Approved with the American Kratom Association GMP Program
  • Friendly phone and email customer support team
  • Minimum baseline of 1.4% Mitragynine guaranteed
  • 30-day, money-back, guarantee
4.7/5 Rating
  • Vendor provides a wide variety of Maeng Da kratom
  • Customer support is a bit slow
  • Subscription to email newsletter available
4.5/5 Rating
  • Live kratom plants available for purchase
  • Free U.S. shipping
  • Excellent record of customer service with a variety of communication methods
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee
4.5/5 Rating
  • Offers unique strains and blends
  • Features other products such as apparel, soaps, and teas
  • Customer service and shipping can take upto 48 hours for action
4.5/5 Rating
  • Store features CBD-enhanced kratom gel caps
  • Site features instant chat help (during PST business hours)
  • Customer support available through a wide variety of social platforms
4.4/5 Rating
  • Educational and information site
  • Online store is clean, fast, and friendly
  • Each batch is tested for safety and quality standards
4.2/5 Rating
  • Site is informative and especially helpful for beginners
  • Online store offers new week sales and discounts
  • Website includes instant chat help (during normal EST business hours)
4.2/5 Rating
  • Organic kratom available in the online store
  • Easy and intuitive online storefront
  • Site lacks any educational information or resources
4/5 Rating
  • Small vendor with high-quality powders
  • Affordable prices which help sell out their stock fast
  • A number of successful proprietary blends
4/5 Rating

These individual reviews summarize what we think of the top 11 vendors, as well as what you can expect from each. Several factors have been taken into consideration when rating these merchants:


Is the vendor well-known for the safety of its products and does the site back up these claims? Is the product tested for contaminants such as E. coli and Salmonella?

Is the product consistent? Is the alkaloid content and the purity of their batches guaranteed by an unbiased lab? How high is the 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine content in their products?

Are there customer service representatives to help and are they easily available? What are the return policies and guarantees? Can we speak of convenient payment, shipping, and return?

Is their Kratom offer competitively priced? Are there wholesale prices, discount codes, or rewards programs available?

Is the vendor’s site informative and is it easy to find that information? Are frequently asked questions answered? Is there current information about laws and regulations available?

The Golden Monk takes the safety and quality of its products very seriously. They have one of the most comprehensive safety and quality control operations in the industry and they’re transparent about the results. In order to maintain a clean and sterile packing environment, the Golden Monk uses a climate controlled clean room to reduce the chance of contamination with airborne organisms and foreign particles.

This vendor conducts stringent and frequent safety tests, taking 6 samples per every 1000 kg. They look for the presence of heavy metals and microbial toxins such as coliforms, E. Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus and Salmonella. This ensures that the product sold to consumers meets the highest safety standards.

PDF copies of test results are posted with regularity in an archive online, which is available to visitors in one easy click. Customer service is taken just as seriously and there’s always a friendly rep ready to help by phone, email, or their social media platforms. The Golden Monk offers a refined selection of kratom powders and capsules at competitive prices.


Mitragaia proudly sets itself apart with the age and potency of its harvests. Their site also offers a transparent testing process and publishes comprehensive results of the records online. Though Mitragaia doesn’t make it clear up front, the merchant conducts one of the most comprehensive lab testing operations within the Kratom market.

The company does not make public how many tests are conducted within a metric ton of powder, but the examinations check for mold, yeast, coliform, E. coli, and Salmonella. They also check for the presence of arsenic, chromium, cobalt, lead, nickel, and vanadium.

Mitragaia offers customer support by phone, email, online ticketing system, or social media comments. The site offers an easy store and cart experience and even gives you a chance to make a wish list to keep track of all the products you want.


Like most reputable online vendors, Kratom Crazy takes responsibility for clean and thorough examinations of its products to ensure the safest, highest quality. Three samples in every batch are tested for microbial toxins, heavy metals, and the two major alkaloids that make a quality product.

Kratom Crazy claims that a minimum baseline of 1.4% is Mitragynine guaranteed. When you have a question about their products or your own account and order, support is easy to contact and usually responds within 24 hours. You can get in touch with friendly representatives by phone, email, or online ticketing system.

The store is packed with a selection of powder strains in a variety of veins as both powders and pre-made capsules. This vendor honors a 30-day money-back guarantee for any customer not completely satisfied with their purchase, which really helps to make the transaction feel risk-free for beginners.


The Herbal Salvation site is all about the Maeng Da Kratom, which the vendor makes available in several strains. The store also carries some neat side products from time to time, like kratom energy shots and convenient measuring spoons and scales for the regular user.

Herbal Salvation does not provide any information directly on their site about testing standards or how it ensures a quality product. You can contact the company by email or traditional mail, or you can submit a request for help online.

It can take Herbal Salvation around 2-3 days to respond to all inquiries, so patience is a must when dealing with them. The site explains that the reason for this is because all of the staff spends the majority of time in a clean room for packing and they do not yet have a dedicated support team. This is probably the same reason the site is a good storefront, but not so helpful with information and resources for understanding the variety products and uses.


Coastline Kratom is a relatively new vendor formed in 2015 by husband and wife Fulton and Katrina, on the coast of North Carolina. One of the most unique features of this site is the availability of living starter plants to cultivate your own leaves over time.

Shipping is easy and free in the U.S. and every purchase comes with a money back satisfaction guarantee. The site provides a small glimpse into the family behind the business and it makes the entire experience feel more personal, friendly, and trustworthy.

Customer support is available through phone and email but you can also get in touch through Google +, Facebook, and Twitter.The product selection is mostly comprised of Bali, Borneo, Malaysian, and Maeng Da strains.This site does a great job of providing the customer with information about each product on the store’s pages, making it so much easier and faster to select the products that will work for you.


Canopy Botanicals’ site is another one that focuses on a wider variety of products. In fact, this site sells apparel, soaps, salts, teas, as well as spices and seasonings.

If you dig a little deeper and search for “speciosa” instead of “kratom” on this site, you’ll find a wonderful and unique selection of powders, including gold veins and limited harvests. Some of the rarer options include: Wild White, White Elephant, Super Green Jongkong, White Hulu Kapuas, White Ketapang, and Pink Elephant.

Customer support can be contacted by e-mail or on-site form only and suggests an expected response time of about 48 hours. The same timeframe is also indicated for shipping purposes, so it’s not as fast as other vendors.


Oregon Kratom is an extremely accessible site. You can reach a customer support representative during normal business hours (PST) through the chat window on their site or via a handful of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Though this site does ship throughout the United States, its focus is to help remote citizens of Oregon get the best products online. They offer a unique selection of products including soaps and CBD-enhanced gel caps. The latter is a particularly beneficial product for anyone seeking a pain relief supplement in place of prescription pain medications. The CBD enhancement makes it a powerful boost of pain reduction, muscle relaxation, and a general feeling of well-being.

The site doesn’t provide too much in the way of educational information and resources outside of the Oregon region.


The Sacred Kratom site ships from California and indicates that every batch is lab-tested for contaminants, heavy metals, and alkaloid content. Like many of the higher-rated sites, Sacred Kratom offers a 30-day money back guarantee and free same-day shipping on all orders.

The online store is modern, streamlined, and very user-friendly. This site does a good job of providing educational information for customers and the company maintains a blog that features updates and recent changes related to Kratom legislation, medical studies, and scientific breakthroughs.

SK’s website also includes helpful articles to teach customers about how to best benefit from their products


Happy Hippo Herbals is another small, family-owned business on the east coast of the United States with competitive prices for online purchases. The site includes some of the latest guidelines, news, and reviews, and even more information can be found in the Happy Hippo blog.

This vendor offers unique blends of powder and explains the ways in which each variety will benefit you. Some of the blends are made with rare or limited batches but still go for very competitive prices. One of the best features of this vendor’s site is its grouping of products.

Unlike other sites that usually separate their products by strain or vein color, the Happy Hippo groups and refers to its products in terms of a “fast leaf”, “moderate leaf”, or “slow leaf”. These are meant to express the effects of the powders: fast leaf, for example, will increase productivity, while slow leaf will deliver more relaxation throughout the body and bring feelings of happiness and euphoria.


The Earth Kratom site offers one unique edge: organic products. The online store features a variety of strains in powder or premade capsules at very low prices. Wholesale orders with discounts are also available upon inquiring.

This vendor’s site is strictly a sales portal and there’s no information provided about the benefits and effects for any of the products. This can actually make shopping on the site a little time consuming because customers need to either know what they want or do a bit of research on the side before making a purchase. Earth Kratom support is reachable by phone, email, or by submitting an online ticket.


Despite having no more than a couple of years in the Kratom business, Botanical Bunny quickly rose to be a favorite among frequent consumers. Their recipe for success is a simple, yet highly effective one: pure Kratom at affordable prices. A trademark of their accomplishments is their Premium Maeng Da, a product that earned them a major industry award in 2017.

Unfortunately, there are two noteworthy cons to BB, both of which are a consequence of the fact that their operations have not scaled proportionately to the demand. The first one is related to the availability of their stock. There’s a good chance that, just before you place your order, somebody else grabs what is left of your favorite strain and you have to settle for something else.

The second drawback of Botanical Bunny is their lack of publicly available safety and quality lab analyses. Given the increased amount of competition on the Kratom market, more of the top tier vendors have transitioned to GMP-certified facilities and adopted stricter product safety standards.


The #1 Online Kratom Provider

If you still haven’t made a decision on the perfect vendor for you, we suggest placing an order with our number 1 choice: The Golden Monk. As one of the few GMP certified vendors endorsed by the American Kratom Association, you know you can trust this site. The service is easily accessible and fast to respond to all inquiries.

Their products are always consistent because The Golden Monk regularly lab-tests every batch and shares all test results so consumers can feel safe and cared for.

With The Golden Monk, you’ll get the standard minimum content of the two most important alkaloids in Kratom, so you know the quality is premium. Overall, you can expect an easy transaction, fast shipping, and excellent customer service.

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