Kratom Crazy Review: A Reliable Merchant with Lightning Fast Shipping

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If you’re looking for kratom to buy online, you may have found one of the top competitive online stores,  Kratom Crazy claims to meet a superior standard and exact lab process to provide some of the highest alkaloid percentages available.  This site claims to have a wide connection to veteran farmers which is all 100% grown and sourced in the USA and Indonesia. In addition to the highest quality products, Kratom Crazy also boasts competitive prices, including special wholesale pricing if you inquire.  Products are backed by a full 30-day money back guarantee.

Kratom Crazy Review

Kratom Crazy Products 

Kratom Crazy seems to take great pride in the quality of their product from start to finish. In order to guarantee a high-quality product, Kratom Crazy sends 3 samples in every batch to a third-party lab for unbiased testing.  Tests measure microbial toxins, heavy metals, and the two major alkaloids that make a quality sample; mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. 

A minimum baseline of 1.4% mitragynine guaranteed. To ensure 100% satisfaction, the Kratom Crazy team is attentive to customer feedback. To stand behind this satisfaction guarantee, products come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Products include powder extracts in a variety of veins and strains, and even additional products like liquid shots, which is much like an energy shot drink.


Kratom Crazy offers one of the best wholesale savings structures on products across the market. Finely ground powders are sold by the gram and allow you to save upwards of 50% when ordered in bulk of 1 kilogram each.  For example: Green Vein Borneo, an excellent source of physical energy, endurance, and mental focus and concentration, is available at the already low price of about $20 for 100 grams. If you get 10x as much, it’s only $10 for each 100 grams - that’s a savings of nearly 55% just for buying in bulk.


Reviews agree again and again that Kratom Crazy offers among the fastest and most reliable shipping available from any online vendor. Most orders ship the same day that they’re placed, but if the cut off time is missed, the order is shipped the next business day.  The support team does a fantastic job of helping customers track packages and, if need be, manage returns or replacements. Orders over $49 enjoy absolutely free shipping within the United States.

Customer Support 

If a customer has a question about Kratom Crazy products and services, customer support is a click away. You can submit questions and feedback through the form on the website.  There’s also a toll-free number to call and clearly posted hours for the support center. The team asks that if you do have a ticket or email submitted for an issue, to be patient and wait for a reply within 24 hours.  This helps to keep the flow from one inquiry to another seamless and effective.

As with any reputable vendor, there may on occasion be a question you have that the vendor cannot answer.  Doing so would put the vendor at risk of liability in some way. The FDA specifically warns vendors from answering such questions.

Client Testimonials from KratomCrazy

Overall, customers seem very pleased with the quality of the product they receive, and how fast it was to arrive. There is a consensus that this site is secure, its product is pure, and customer service is prompt and reliable.  With so many questionable and non-reputable vendors, it’s crucial to know you have one you can trust.

Kratom Crazy was recommended to m e by several of their longtime customers as the best. I agree. Customer service is excellent. It is a secure, safe and easy website to use. We are completely satisfied with their prompt and efficient service.

Homan – August 24, 2019

Very fast shipping. Product is of very high quality. I have tried Naturally Kratom and Tru Kratom. I would put Kratom Crazy above those products. Same quality but much better price.

L. Madison Brooks – July 18, 2019

Kratom Crazy 

Kratom Crazy is a fine site with a lot to offer in the way of products, information, and resources.  The customer support is excellent and shipping is fast and reliable. But despite these qualities, Kratom Crazy is only a Runner Up for us in comparison to the trusted and true Golden Monk.  We appreciate the quality of the Kratom Crazy products, but the Golden Monk ensures rigorous lab-testing and publishes results. This kind of transparency is invaluable in a market not yet FDA-regulated.

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