Botanical Bunny Review: One of the Best Up-and-Coming Vendors Today

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Throughout the Kratom community, Botanical Bunny is referred to as the most impressive success story of 2017. Although they started out as a small, Texas-based company, their diversified offer and qualitative approach to the industry paid off in spades. 

At present, some consider BB to be among the top sellers of affordable Kratom. Although they do not include the results of any lab tests for quality on their website, hundreds of positive Botanical Bunny reviews speak for themselves.

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Botanical Bunny Review: One of the Best Up-and-Coming Vendors Today

Botanical Bunny Products

Botanical Bunny has featured more than 20 different strains and blends on their online store over the years. Having started out with only a few products, they gradually added community favorites such as Premium Maeng Da, Gold Bali, Green Vietnam, White Jongkong, and Yellow 12. In addition, they came up with unique blends like Gold 12, Wild Green, Red Banjar, Red and White Dayak, Plantation 12, and many others. In time, these became their most popular products.

Botanical Bunny reviewers swear by the potency of most of these varieties of Kratom, but it was their Premium Maeng Da that earned the title of the best strain in 2017. Since then, new products like Rojo Loco and Verde Kratom were added with similar, albeit less resounding success. 

Unfortunately, one disadvantage of how popular this small vendor became over a relatively short period of time is that many of their products are almost always out of stock. This is certainly the case with their PMD, although the company will let loyal customers know that their inventory is replenished whenever this is the case. If you want to try a particular strain from Botanical Bunny, the best way to go about it is to follow their Facebook page and pay attention to restock notifications.


High-quality products marketed for a highly affordable price was the recipe for Botanical Bunny’s resounding success. Most of their strains go for as little as $5 for 28 grams or $12.50 for 100 grams, which is well below the current market average. Customers who wish to order in bulk can obtain even better deals, although not all strains are available for wholesale purchases. 

Of course, a consumer’s first impression when met with a website that sells Kratom for such an affordable price is to doubt its providence, purity, or quality. However, it’s difficult to do this with Botanical Bunny since most of their reviewers are simply in love with most of their products.


Botanical Bunny may take up to 48 hours to ship an order, while the delivery itself can add up to 3 days to that time. Overall, you should expect your package to arrive between 3 and 7 days from the moment you place an order, which is fairly slow compared to other vendors.  

Customer Support

The only way to get in touch with Botanical Bunny is through the form they provide on their Contact Us page. Since most top Kratom vendors in the US will also provide a phone number for customer service, we’d like to see BB add this feature in the near future.

Furthermore, this vendor offers no possibility to return a product because, as they argue, this would significantly increase their pricing. To avoid possible issues, they recommend that customers only purchase new strains in small quantities or sample packs before they make a more voluminous order.

Client Testimonials

Botanical Bunny reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with most customers praising the quality of their products and their affordable prices:

“I simply love Botanical Bunny’s Wild Green. I take just 2 grams at a time and I get a nice, clean mood lift with decent energy. The power is very smooth so it’s super easy to toss and wash. On my last order, I also got a sample of Red Banjar, which I thought was really good. That says a lot since I don’t even like Reds, in general.”

James: October 28, 2019

“Botanical Bunny are by far my favorite vendor. I’ve been taking Kratom for two years, but since I discovered them two months ago, I order exclusively from BB. My favorite strains are Red Banjar, Wild White, and their extraordinary Premium Maeng Da. It’s a pity they run out of these so quickly, but I suppose that’s what will happen with excellent Kratom.”

Linda: November 21, 2019

Is It a Reliable Vendor?

This vendor may be relatively new to the industry, but the majority of Botanical Bunny reviewers agree on the fact that their products are just as consistent and potent as those of well-established websites. With that in mind, it does seem like BB is, in fact, a reliable kratom vendor that sells high-quality Kratom for the lowest possible price.

At the same time, however, one can’t help but notice that their returns policy and their customer service needs significantly more attention. Aside from this, we would like to see at least a few ongoing lab tests published on their website for safety purposes.

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