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The product is excellent and goes for terrific prices. The customer service is amazing which is why I always get my Kratom from New Dawn Kratom. I can confidently say that the quality at New Dawn Kratom is far superior to what is obtainable elsewhere. They also offer a better pricing structure than others.

They have a careful and comprehensive testing practice. They run six varied lab tests on each batch: Heavy metal screening (designed to remove mercury, cadmium, and lead), Alkaloid Screening (This examines the product for mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine to guarantee quality), and Microbe Screening (this eliminates yeast, molds, pathogens and more). Comprehensive tests are carried out on every 1-tonne batch.

Despite the outstanding quality on offer, their prices are even more considerate. Their price structure is one of the major reasons why I Love New Dawn Kratom. You will find it hard to believe that their prices are about half of the price you get from other vendors; this is why many buyers choose them over all others.

Having used their product over the past few months I have discovered that their Kratom is more potent than what their competitors offer. It is a fact that New Dawn Kratom remains one of the best Kratom vendors you can find in the market. They have built a good reputation even though they are fairly green.

 They follow a careful production process from farming to packaging and delivery. They are careful to give you high-quality and original Kratom products from their website.

New Dawn Kratom remains unique and is my undisputed favorite Kratom vendors due to the excellent quality they offer and their reasonable pricing.  My loyalty is with them because I am assured of quality, quantity, and originality.

You will also get incredible discounts at the New Dan Kratom shops if you are a repeat customer. They currently have a 20% discount code promotion for customers to enjoy on their website, don’t miss out!

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They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on opened and unopened products and you don’t have to offer any reason before you can ask for a refund. Be sure to return all opened or unopened products to them, once this is done, they will quickly reimburse you.

The 30-day refund period does not begin from the day the order was placed on their website, it begins immediately after delivery is confirmed through their tracking number. All opened products can only qualify for a return if they still have up to 85% of the original contents. New Dawn Kratom does not restock opened products, they are safely disposed of.

I highly recommend New Dawn Kratom to everyone hoping to get a great product at a great price. They are very interested in their progress which already distinguishes them from other vendors. They keep communication lines open and enjoy feedback which is the hallmark of great businesses.

I am thankful to have heard about New Dawn Kratom from my Doctor a few months ago.

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