Is Kratom Legal in Kansas?

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Although you can legally buy, sell, and possess Kratom throughout Kansas, this is a privilege that was hard-earned by the people living in the U.S. heartland. In 2018, a bill was proposed to ban Kratom by adding it to the list of Schedule 1 substances. After individuals testified in front of the Committee on Health and Human Services for SB282, the authorities removed Kratom from the bill before promulgating it.

Is Kratom Legal in Kansas?

Is Kratom Legal in Kansas in 2019?

At the beginning of 2018, the Kansas Senate was reviewing a bill meant to update the lists for Schedule 1, 2, and 3 controlled substances. Seeing as Kratom was one of the substances being considered, the Botanical Education Alliance, the American Kratom Association, as well as many individual consumers voiced their opinion about their experience with the plant.

Several members of the Kansas Senate, such as Rep. Susan Concannon, infamously claimed that the citizens opposed to the bill sound “so desperate and pleading that it smacks of addiction.” Yet the turning point of the debate seems to have been the very Committee on Health and Human Services that allowed people to testify against SB282.

Among the 6 statements in support of Kratom was a thorough, fact-laden testimony from a surgeon whose son was battling drug addiction. The hearing made it possible for legislators to understand that Kratom is a natural remedy that has been used for centuries, that more research must be put into evaluating its full impact, and that its side-effects are far less damaging than those of many prescription drugs.

As a result, both Kratom and CBD were not outlawed by Kansas. Now, the state is officially reviewing the KCPA.

Can You Buy Kratom in Kansas?

You can buy Kratom throughout Kansas from specialized kratom vendors, tobacco shops, and even vape boutiques. However, since there is currently no legislation regarding the merchandizing of this plant, we advise you to buy your Kratom online. A major reason why authorities are pushing to outlaw Kratom is the fact that many designer drug manufacturers use it to push synthetic products on their clients.

To ensure that your Kratom is pure and free from contaminants, you can order it online from certified vendors. Merchants such as The Golden Monk use lab tests to guarantee the safety of their batches and will deliver their products anywhere in the U.S. where it is legal to consume the plant.