Is Kratom Legal in Virginia?

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There is currently no legal initiative to ban or restrict the sale, purchase, or consumption of Kratom in the state of Virginia. The legislators here have chosen to wait and see what other jurisdictions around the United States decide on the issue. 

Is Kratom Legal in Virginia?

Is Kratom Legal in Virginia in 2019?

Currently, there is an on-going search for better, safer alternatives to traditional opioids. This is done both for the sake of those individuals who are prescribed such drugs for medical reasons, as well as for those who become addicted to various controlled substances that mimic an opioid after-effect. To date, we know that Kratom is tremendously helpful for people who are experiencing withdrawal, so it’s no wonder that the plant has remained legal in Virginia so far.

Many recovering addicts confess that Kratom helps them get rid of methadone and codeine once and for all. Their testimonials are often backed by evidence from social workers and medical doctors who deal with such cases on a regular basis. So far, however, there have been few clinical attempts to establish the full impact of Kratom on the human body. To make matters worse, the FDA wrongly claims that the plant is already responsible for over 40 deaths in the U.S.

From the little existing scientific knowledge on Kratom, we know that the plant is a natural, organic product from the coffee family and that it has been used as a folk remedy for centuries in Southeast Asia. Autopsy results from the overdose victims referenced by FDA indicate that those people either consumed contaminated Kratom or that the latter was taken in conjunction with dangerous psychoactive drugs, many of them synthetized in makeshift labs. 

Can You Buy Kratom in Virginia?

Since there is no law banning Kratom in the state of Virginia, you can buy, sell, and consume it without fear of legal repercussion. Still, we cannot recommend that you purchase your product from local tobacco, smoke, or head shops. The latter are under no legal confinements to ensure the safety or purity of the product, which is the reason why many of them cut their powder in a number of ways.

The best way to ensure that you get a pure and safe batch of Kratom is to order it online, from certified kratom vendors. Shops like The Golden Monk operate GMP-approved packaging facilities and they regularly test their merchandise.