Is Kratom Legal in Alabama?

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Although most states in the US allow the unrestricted use of Kratom, this is not the case in Alabama. In spite of the many health benefits associated with Kratom, two substances in its composition have been qualified as “Schedule 1” by the Alabama Senate. As such, the plant cannot be sold, manufactured, or distributed legally in this state.

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Is Kratom legal in Alabama?
Mitragyna speciosa korth (kratom) drug plant in the laboratory research

Is Kratom Legal in Alabama in 2019?

The legality of Kratom in Alabama can be a puzzling topic. Prior to 2016, the DEA had defined Kratom as a Schedule 1 controlled substance or a compound with no “accepted use in medical purposes”, but with a “high abuse potential”. This statement was retracted in late 2016, which is why Kratom – or Mitragyna Speciosa, as it is known in the science community – does not currently appear in the SB226 bill.

However, on May 10, 2016, the Alabama Senate declared that two key ingredients found in Kratom, hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine, would henceforth be qualified as Schedule 1 controlled substances. As a result, even though Kratom is no longer a controlled substance, it nevertheless contains two ingredients that are and, as such, remains illegal in Alabama.

Since 2014, when the bill to outlaw Kratom was first proposed in the Senate, supporters of this plant and its medical benefits have done everything they could to stop or lift this measure. Unfortunately, both the 2016 and the 2017 petitions to repeal the bill have failed.

Can You Buy Kratom in Alabama?

Even though you might benefit from the analgesic, sedative, or mood-enhancing effects of Kratom, at this moment in time, it is impossible for you to legally acquire and use it in Alabama, even from some of the best-known kratom vendors online.

Buying, selling, and possessing Kratom is currently a felony in this state, which is why we advise you not to attempt to order powder, capsules, or any other forms of Kratom for as long as this remains the case. Otherwise, you may compromise your legal status and negatively impact the public’s view on this plant in the United States.

To undo this unfortunate state of affairs, it is paramount that the public has access to real information about Kratom and its many health benefits. If you are a resident of Alabama, your best shot to one day be able to legally acquire Kratom in your home state is to join a local advocacy group. Remember that your behavior can affect public opinion on the matter either positively or negatively. Do your best to ensure that the former is the case.