Is Kratom Legal in Utah?

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The history laden region of Utah added yet another landmark achievement to their local annals by passing the Kratom Consumer Protection Act in 2019. This made Utah the first U.S. state to regulate the merchandising of Kratom, which means that this is one of the few places where Kratom products are legal and regulated.

Is Kratom Legal in Utah?

Is Kratom Legal in Utah in 2019?

Despite the fact that Utah made Kratom history, local authorities were not always keen on the herbal supplement. In 2017, HB0110 featured Kratom as one of the substances to be outlawed. Fortunately, before the law was passed onto the Senate, the Health Committee withdrew the Kratom from the bill. This kept Utah from debating the legal status of the Southeast Asian plant for yet another two years.

In 2019, following a series of organizations and individuals that advocated in favor of regulating the Kratom market, a Kratom Consumer Protection Act was proposed to the local senate. The man behind the legal initiative was a level-headed DC lobbyist who knew everything there was to know about this coffee-related plant. 

One of the main talking points that convinced Utah legislators were statistics from the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. In 2018, the agency tracked a number of salmonella outbreaks related to the consumption of Kratom products. To prevent such health hazards, the Utah State Senate became the first governing body to officially regulate the sale of Kratom in the U.S; and this happened with a republican-held majority.

Can You Buy Kratom in Utah?

Due to the local KCPA, Utah is one of the safest states where you can legally purchase Kratom. This legislation forces Kratom vendors to officially test their product for contaminants. What’s more, they are required to accurately label the contents of their powders. This is a major step forward for the local Kratom business, as it essentially does away with second and third-rate merchants who mishandle the product. 

Nevertheless, the best way to ensure that your Kratom is pure and uncontaminated is to order from a trustworthy, online supplier. Some of these shops, such as The Golden Monk, have been testing their products for many years, and you can glance over the lab results yourself in many of the cases. The most important aspect of a certified vendor is that you know you’re getting 100%, premium Kratom that is not cut with anything else.