Is Kratom Legal in Florida?

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To date, the state of Florida has weathered no less than four attempts to classify Kratom as a designer drug. The nationwide crisis with synthetic opioids has seen many products incorrectly classified as structural or functional analogs of a controlled substance. This is the case of Sarasota County, which banned Kratom back in 2014. 

Is Kratom Legal in Florida?

Is Kratom Legal in Florida in 2019?

With the exception of the Sarasota region, Kratom is legal in Florida. However, legislators making a move against this Southeast Asian plant are prone to think of it as a synthetic compound, rather than what it actually is: a plant used for medicinal purposes. This is what happened in Sarasota, where, in 2014, local authorities incorrectly classified Kratom as a designer drug.

The Sarasota bill quotes manufactured substances such as flakka, bath salts, or spice, in their attempt to argument against Kratom. Yet all of the previous compounds are man-made, whereas Kratom is a plant commonly used as a natural remedy in the ecosystems where it thrives. In April 2019, St. John’s County wanted to follow the example of Sarasota, but after Kratom was eloquently defended in front of the commissioners, the authorities decided to indefinitely postpone the ban. 

Florida’s two bills that could have banned Kratom in 2016 were effectively powered by a grieved parent who thought the plant was responsible for their child’s suicide. While the autopsy results did found traces of Kratom, they also showed a cocktail of prescription anti-depressants. Two additional bills in 2017 also attempted to illegalize Kratom, but they were postponed indefinitely.

Can You Buy Kratom in Florida?

You can buy and consume Kratom anywhere in Florida with the exception of Sarasota County. However, the state is yet to enforce the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, which means that local shops are likely to sell products that may have been tampered with. To ensure that your orders are 100%, premium Kratom, we advise you to purchase from trusted, online kratom vendors.

Shops like The Golden Monk ensure that all of their products are tested for quality and safety in order to adhere to the highest possible standards. This is not necessarily the case with head or tobacco shops in area where there are no regulations in terms of merchandising Kratom.