Is Kratom Legal in Georgia?

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Back in 2017, the media’s attention was caught by the report of one Georgia medical examiner who claimed that Kratom was responsible for 11 local deaths. Following close investigations, 9 of the 11 autopsies showed dangerous drugs to be present in the blood of the victims and no data was made available on the other two. After a thorough public and legal debate, the Georgia Senate passed their own version of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. 

Is Kratom Legal in Georgia?

Is Kratom Legal in Georgia in 2019?

The controversy around Kratom mainly stems from Poison Control statistics and cases involving Kratom. Using the latter, many individuals, including the medical examiner who unfoundedly alleged that the plant was responsible for 11 deaths due to overdose, claim that Kratom is an opioid and a dangerous drug.

Once the Georgia Senate reviewed a bill intended to ban Kratom, advocates and individual users voiced their opinions on the topic in an attempt to inform legislators about what the plant actually is and does. Given the public support, as well as the wealth of knowledge shared in the public space, the Senate had no choice but to postpone the Kratom ban. The alleged scientific evidence against Kratom was refuted and shown to be hearsay.

In early 2019, another bill concerning Kratom was proposed in the state assembly. This time around, authorities sought to enforce common sense regulations on people selling Kratom throughout Georgia. Now, Kratom is legally available to anyone over the age of 18 in Georgia. Furthermore, any products that contain this plant must be extensively labelled with the full list of ingredients.

Can You Buy Kratom in Georgia?

Given the regulatory status of Kratom in Georgia, it is actually advised that you buy Kratom here. The state enforced basic legal standards for people merchandising this product, thereby reducing the risk of unsafe or contaminated batches. 

Across the U.S., where KCPA legislation is yet to be enforced, many third-rate vendors are using Kratom products to push highly addictive and dangerous substances on their consumers. This is  the main reason why Kratom shows up in Poison Control so often: many take it as a way to enhance the effects of dangerous drugs. 

The best possible way to ensure you receive pure, 100% Kratom powder after a purchase is to order from certified, online kratom vendors like The Golden Monk. Such shops abide by strict safety and purity standards and test all of their batches for contaminants.