Herbal RVA Review: Incredibly Low Prices, But at What Cost?

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Herbal RVA is an online shop based in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Although they sell a wide variety of Kratom strains, there’s just something about their website that makes them seem rather untrustworthy for most consumers. From missing pages to the fact that no shipping information is readily available, we feel that this company’s website could definitely use an upgrade.

Fortunately, there are some Herbal RVA reviews that can help guide your purchase if you are bent on ordering from this kratom vendor. After all, their prices are “dirt cheap” as one reviewer put it. But what about the quality of their Kratom?

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Herbal RVA Review: Incredibly Low Prices, But at What Cost?

Herbal RVA Products

Herbal RVA features a very wide range of different Kratom strains and blends. Unfortunately, you won’t find either of these products just by surfing their website. Instead, you’ll come across different types of tea, a few spices, and some scented candles. This is more or less a front for what Herbal RVA actually specializes in, which is Kratom.

To get to their offer, you must type the word “Speciosa” into their search bar. Voila! Dozens of different strains should then become available for purchase. These range from all-time favorites such as Premium MD, Borneo, Bali, and Vietnam to more experimental strains such as their White and Green Sekayam, Green Aceh, and Red and Green Jongkong. 

A couple of proprietary blends are also usually available, but this is not always the case due to the fact that they often run out of stock. One notable mention here is their Big Bang “herbal tea”, which is a mix of different White and Green strains. Sadly, it’s difficult to get exact information on Herbal RVA’s products because the company provides no description whatsoever for most of them. For us, this is a big red flag.


Perhaps the biggest selling point for Herbal RVA’s Kratom is affordability. Many Herbal RVA reviewers mention the fact that they gave this vendor a try because of their incredibly low prices. For example, a 100g of Red Indo can go for as little as $9.75, which is well under the market average.

Where Kratom is concerned, however, such low prices can make consumers wonder whether the powders are actually pure or whether they are cut with potentially harmful substances. In the case of Herbal RVA, it’s impossible to state that their products are unadulterated since they provide the results of no lab tests for quality. In fact, we’re not even sure they run such tests to begin with.


Herbal RVA’s website provides no information about this company’s Shipping policy. According to reviewers, it can take up to 10 days for a package to be delivered, which is quite a lot compared to how quickly other vendors ship their products. While this is not necessarily a deal breaker, it can become a problem if you need your Kratom right away.

Customer Support

Given the state of Herbal RVA’s current website, it’s no wonder that they can only be contacted through e-mail. This is especially problematic since the company doesn’t seem to provide any guarantee that your inquiry will be resolved in a timely manner.

Furthermore, while they do advertise a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, they don’t actually accept returns on any products that were already opened. But it’s difficult to tell whether or not a type of Kratom is satisfactory without even tasting it, isn’t it?

Client Testimonials

Herbal RVA reviews that are not published on the company’s website or social media are mostly negative. Customers generally appreciate the affordability of this vendor, but complain that the Kratom itself is very weak:

“Herbal RVA used to be my go-to vendor because their prices were just too good to miss. My last order clearly had vein and stem in it, though, which is certainly not what I signed up for. I bought no less than 5 different bags and they all had coarse pieces and junk at the bottom. Not a good sign at all.”

Sharon: November 27, 2019

“I ordered from Herbal RVA about a week ago and my package just arrived yesterday. I had gotten all hyped about it and ordered a bunch of strains, especially since they were all so cheap. What a major disappointment. Their Green Bali was decent (though not extraordinary), while their Gold Bali and Gold JongKong had absolutely no effect no me. I even tripled my usual dose and still nothing.”

Douglas: November 7, 2019

Is It a Reliable Vendor?

Under the circumstances, we have to agree with most Herbal RVA reviewers on the fact that this is simply not a reliable vendor. Yes, their prices are outrageously low, but this clearly comes at the cost of quality, which we would never sacrifice when it comes to Kratom.

Other vendors, such as The Golden Monk, regularly test all of their products for purity and quality. The results are published directly on their website where everyone can see them, which makes this company and others like it a much more reliable source.

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