Yellow Vietnam Kratom: A Limited Strain That Boosts Motivation

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Yellow Vietnam Kratom is the most potent and perhaps the most popular strain of its kind. Due to the fact that it only grows in a very specific environment, it is far rarer than other varieties, although its notoriety has increased significantly during recent years. In addition, unlike Red, Green, or White Vietnam, this strain can only be obtained once the leaves have undergone a special drying process. Not all farming communities are aware of how this is done, which further contributes to the scarcity of Yellow Vietnam.

In terms of its effects, most consumers report that Yellow Vein Vietnam is similar to its White counterpart. Its main benefits are a sharp boost of energy, as well as a strong euphoric feeling. In addition, some users claim that this strain improves their focus and keeps them motivated throughout the day. 

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  • One of the most potent Yellow strains
  • Long-lasting due to a very high alkaloid content
  • Stimulating, euphoric, and nootropic
1-5 grams (¼ tsp - 1¾ tsp)

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Yellow Vietnam Kratom

What Is Yellow Vietnam Kratom?

Yellow Vein Vietnam Kratom is made using either Red or White leaves that are dried for a longer period of time and sometimes fermented in a unique manner. The leaves themselves come from Kratom trees that grow inside forests surrounding the Mekong River in Vietnam. This is a relatively small region, as well as somewhat inaccessible for locals, which partly explains why the vein continues to remain a rare sight on the international market.

Unfortunately, it is particularly easy for some of the best kratom vendors to market subpar products as Yellow Vietnam Kratom since this strain is rather new and little is currently known of its origins. The only way to ensure that your Kratom powder is 100% pure and contains no potentially harmful substances is to find and order exclusively from a trustworthy seller. 

Since Yellow Vietnam was first introduced by specialized distributors, we have sampled this strain from dozens of different sources. In our experience, the variety we received from The Golden Monk showed the most consistent and powerful effects. We therefore recommend this vendor to all of our readers, especially since their products also undergo rigorous quality testing prior to being shipped to customers.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom Effects and Benefits

Yellow Vein Vietnam Kratom effects are significantly stronger than in the case of other Yellow strains. Indeed, this is the main reason why the strain has become so popular in the short amount of time since it was first introduced to the global Kratom community. Fans of this strain most often describe it as follows:

A powerful energizer. Yellow Vein Kratom is frequently compared to its White counterpart due to the fact that it shares its stimulating potential. Although it is not as strong as the latter, Yellow Vietnam can nevertheless be used to successfully replace coffee and maintain high levels of energy throughout the day. The effect is immediate and long-lasting.

A great mood enhancer. Yellow Vietnam can be used to induce a state of euphoria for recreational purposes. In smaller doses, it quickly lifts the consumer’s mood and helps them feel more motivated and better prepared for the tasks ahead. 

A weapon against stress and anxiety. Many fans of Yellow Vietnam Kratom claim that this strain has helped them through difficult and stressful times by helping them achieve a state of resolute calmness. Those who struggle with social anxiety also report that a small dose of Yellow Vietnam can help them overcome their fears and interact more with other people.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom Dosage

Because Yellow Vietnam Kratom effects are very strong, it is essential that you only take it in small doses. As a person who has never tried Kratom before, you might consider a milder strain to begin with. Otherwise, you should take no more than 1 grams of Yellow Vietnam in order to give your body enough time to adjust to its noteworthy benefits.

Once you become more used to this strain and its effects, you can increase your Yellow Vietnam Kratom dosage incrementally, by no more than 0.5 grams at a time. Your goal should be to reach a moderate dose of 2 to 3 grams, which is most likely to help you obtain the full range of benefits associated with the strain. 

For experienced users looking to create a euphoric state, a dose of 4 to 5 grams will usually do the trick. Any amount over 5 grams is considered to be very heavy and will likely cause unwanted side-effects.

Consumer Reviews

If you’re not yet sure whether this strain is right for you, it might be a good idea to go through a couple of Yellow Vietnam Kratom reviews from other customers:

“I love trying all things Kratom, so naturally I was all over Yellow Vietnam when it was first introduced by my favorite distributor. I would say that the strain is slightly less potent than White Vietnam, but produces similar effects. I actually prefer it this way since I always found White Kratom to be slightly overpowering.”

Helen: May 8, 2019

“I switched back and forth between Green and White Vietnam because I found one to be too mild and the other too strong. Yellow Vietnam was actually the answer to my problem, although I’m less likely to get pain relief from this strain than I was from its Green variety. Still, I like to brew a small dose with my tea right before noon to keep me going through the day.”

Kane: August 10, 2019

Yellow Vietnam Kratom Alternatives

For a beginner, Yellow Vein Vietnam might actually feel too strong. This doesn’t mean you can’t obtain similar effects with a milder strain, however. If stimulation is what you need, then Yellow Thai and Yellow Sumatra might just do the trick.

Otherwise, if you’re more interested in Kratom for recreational purposes, you can create powerful feelings of euphoria and deep relaxation with Yellow Indo and Yellow Bali.

Is It Worth Trying?

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is a new addition to the Kratom community, but it has quickly made a name for itself in recent years. Placed somewhere between Green and White Vietnam by most users, this strain can work wonders for those who are trying to loosen their dependence of coffee or other energizers. For as long as the origins of the strain remain uncertain, however, it is essential that you only order your Yellow Vietnam from reliable sources such as The Golden Monk.