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This review comes from an eight-person team assigned to test out the products from Nova kratom over a course of three months. Our in-depth review records our experiences throughout our kratom journey with Nova Kratom.


Disclosure: this review of Nova Kratom is not sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links.


Who is Nova Kratom?

To help us understand the brand better, prior research is important to help us determine if their products are in accordance with their company values and vision. Nova Kratom is an entirely new company that only recently surfaced and was brought to our attention by a kratom user.


As we researched more about the company, we got to know that Nova Kratom is a company based in Oregon. Starting out as a local store, they launched their online star in November 2021. Their aim is to provide the kratom community across the country with fresh and potent kratom. However, their stock is limited as it is ethically sourced directly from the local farmers. The brand promises that their products are Fair Trade certified and tested by third party labs to ensure customer satisfaction and safety.


With approximately 70 different kratom strains live on their site, even the most experienced kratom veteran can have some fun experimenting with new strains and blends. Offering reasonable prices, Nova Kratom also offers free shipping for orders above $99. Users can take advantage of discounts that are available as it can bring down pricing as low as $60 per kilo, an estimated $30 off the usual price.


Orders From Nova Kratom

Week Team A Team B
1 Green Maeng Da Yellow Vietnam
2 Red Bali White Sumatra
3 White Maeng Da Red Hulu
4 Green Dragon Green Vietnam
5 Red Maeng Da Red Elephant
6 White Bali White Horn
7 Red Borneo Green Indo
8 White Thai Red horn
9 Green Borneo Green Super Malay
10 Red Thai Green Malay
11 White Borneo Red Indo
12 Green Thai Trainwreck


The table above shows the strains we tried while reviewing Nova Kratom. Since Nova Kratom has a wide variety of strains, we decided to split our 8-person team into two sub-teams to cover as many strains as possible. This is one of the most comprehensive reviews we have done as we have a limited timeframe.


Based on our schedule, each member will have 75 grams of kratom per week. The strains we review each week also differs based on vein color and variety to reduce the likelihood of any confusion from the previous strain.


Order #1

After we understood Nova Kratom’s vision and values, our team placed the first order on 21st November 2021, weeks after the brand has just launched their website. We started off by ordering their kratom sample package which consisted of 3 bags of 250 grams of their top three best sellers at $58.


We also ordered 250 grams of the following at $28 each: yellow vein Vietnam ($28), white Sumatra, red Hulu, green Vietnam, and green Dragon. Since we did not know what strains were included in the sample pack initially, the strains we ordered for the month included the more obscure strains that are less likely to be their bestsellers. Our order came up to a total of $198, allowing us to take advantage of their free shipping for orders above $99.


The checkout process was surprisingly easy, and we got through it without any issues. We received our order later than expected, an issue we anticipated as we had to ensure we were able to start taking Nova Kratom’s products on schedule due to our tight schedule. Our order came on the 26th of November despite being shipped out on the same day we ordered. Upon checkout, we received a tracking number that allowed us to track our order anytime.


We distributed our order accordingly and proceeded to try it over the next four weeks. Here is a breakdown on the strains our team has tried over the four weeks:


Team A

This team is assigned the sample pack. From the sample pack, we acquired 250 grams of green maeng da, red Bali, and white maeng da. Our team was also assigned green dragon kratom for the last week of the month. Each team member was allocated 75 grams of each kratom strain packed in labeled airtight mini containers to prevent confusion and ensure the freshness of the product.


  •     Week 1 – Green Vein Maeng Da Kratom

We started week 1 with one of the most well-known kratom strains on the market. Our team agreed that the product was excellent as it was very fresh and potent compared to the other green maeng da products we have tried. The end of week one was quite sad as all four of team A are now big fans of Nova Kratom’s green maeng da.


  •     Week 2 – Red Vein Bali Kratom

As week 2 started, we tried a red kratom strain that is known for showcasing the best of red vein varieties without its sedative effect. Although our expectations were high, this red Bali product was amazing. It had a robust and smooth aroma that kept us relaxed throughout the day while maintaining our active lifestyle. Our team was secretly ecstatic that our team was assigned the bestsellers package! Although the end of week came too fast, we were excited about trying the next bestseller on our list.


  •     Week 3 – White Vein Maeng Da Kratom

Week 3 brought us a strain known for its potency and strength. One of our team members was slightly wary as she was much more sensitive in terms of dosage. Being a highly experienced kratom veteran, our team leader advised her to decrease her dosage and to gradually increase it as the week progresses. Our entire team was very happy with the quality and potency of the white maeng da as it boosts our energy during the week and increased our productivity. As the week drew to a close, our members anticipated that the rest of the kratom strains will no longer be as great as this was the last strain on the bestseller pack.


  •     Week 4 – Green Vein Dragon Kratom

This week brought us a strain that is unknown to most of us except our team leader. We did not really know what to expect, but we were really impressed by the freshness of the product. This green dragon kratom had a very earthy aroma and provided a nice balance of effects. Although most of us were new to this strain, we noticed that its effects were very reliable, and it was definitely one of the more stimulating green veins.


Team B

  •     Week 1 – Yellow Vein Vietnam Kratom

Team B was assigned the poster child of yellow vein kratom strains. Our team was over the moon at being assigned this kratom strain as it is a rarity and a favorite for many kratom lovers. Having tried yellow Vietnam from various other brands, we were astounded by the quality of Nova Kratom’s yellow Vietnam. Not only was it fresh and potent, but it also delivered. If you are a kratom lover, you will understand how important this is! Our entire week was made better as it offered a smooth and pleasant experience. The best way to describe it is that it offers you a perspective of life through rose tinted glasses!


Week 2 – White Vein Sumatra Kratom

Starting our week with white Sumatra, the experience was a bit of a shock as we transitioned from a mellow strain to a stimulating white variety. Incredibly fresh and potent, we had to forgo our morning caffeine as the energy boost it provided was almost too much. One of our team members decided to make white Sumatra kratom tea as it had an uplifting and stimulating aroma. Needless to say, the rest of the team followed suit to get the most out of this amazing strain.


  •     Week 3 – Red Vein Hulu Kratom

The start of week 3 brings us another obscure strain. Out of the four team members, only one of us had tried it before. As an effort to understand the strain better, our team members researched the strain, so we knew what to expect and how best to evaluate it before we started taking it. Based on our research, Nova kratom’s red Hulu delivered as we felt its potency and balance. Offering a gradual and building experience, it is now on our list of favorite strains!


  •     Week 4 – Green Vein Vietnam Kratom

While team A may be rejoicing about getting to try the bestsellers, our team is loving the experience of being able to try the rarer strains. Week 4 brought us an exclusive strain that is difficult to source. Our experience dictates that this green Vietnam is fresh, potent, and remarkably balanced. It is also one of the mellower green varieties and perfect for all-day use.



Order #2

The second order was placed on 14th December 2021 as we anticipated shipping delays due to the holiday season and we could not afford any delays in our schedule. During this order, the website had an announcement banner that informed customers regarding the potential shipping delay. This announcement was also seen on the USPS website due to holidays, bad weather, and the pandemic.


Like our first order, the checkout process was flawless. Since our order was placed in the afternoon, our order was shipped out the next working day. As expected, there was a terrible delay and our order only reached us on the 28th December 2021, just in time for our schedule. We reached out to customer support and spoke to a representative who was efficient and friendly. We were assured regarding the arrival of our package and due to the late order, we were given a coupon code for a 20% discount for our next order.


This time, we ordered 250 grams of each: red vein maeng da, white vein Bali, red vein Borneo, white vein Thai, red vein elephant, white vein horn, green vein Indo, and red vein horn kratom. At $28 each, we benefited from the free shipping as our order amounted to $224. During this order, our entire team was already impressed with the quality of Nova Kratom’s products and are looking forward to our second month of review!


Team A

  •     Week 5 – Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom

Trying Nova Kratom’s red maeng da brought back fond memories of trying the first time I tried kratom for the first time when I was visiting Indonesia. Out of all the kratom strains we have reviewed so far, our team agreed that this was the freshest so far. We checked the packaging date, and it was a new batch that was just packed barely a month ago!


  •     Week 6 – White Bali

Transitioning from one of the strongest red varieties to white Bali proved to be a little challenging as we were enjoying the chilled-out vibes last week. This week, the potency and impact of white Bali gave a boost to our energy and productivity rates. In fact, some of us noticed that we managed to shed some pounds as we were able to put more time into our workout routine for the week. Nova Kratom’s white Bali has a refreshing fragrance and slightly bitter taste, great for brewing into kratom tea.


  •     Week 7 – Red Vein Borneo Kratom

One of Shelly’s (our team member) favorite go-to strains, she is the expert for all things red Borneo. Smooth and robust, this red Borneo was amazingly reliable, and we soon understood why it’s a revered strain. Ranking quite high on the potency scale, we marveled at how efficient it was. Even Shelly says that it is one of the best red Borneo she has ever had.


  •     Week 8 – White Vein Thai Kratom

Just in time for a small upcoming certification exam some of us will be taking, we are hoping that this white Thai lives up to its name. Like the other products, it was very fresh and has a refreshing fragrance. Throughout the week, it helped pushed us so we could stay awake longer to study and it definitely improves focus and concentration!


Team B

  •     Week 5 – Red Vein Elephant Kratom

It seems our team is blessed with trying rare kratom strains, but no complaints on our end as we will be testing the famous red elephant kratom. A highly sought-after strain, we were surprised by this strain as it was much milder than any other red strains we have tried. Since the product was very fresh, the entire experience with red elephant felt very enjoyable and natural.


  •     Week 6 – White Vein Horn Kratom

True to its name, this white horn kratom from Nova kratom was extremely potent. At this point, the freshness of Nova Kratom’s product is no longer a surprise. Between all our team members, the effects were very consistent and reliable, offering a significant energy boost, improved focus, and increased productivity levels.


  •     Week 7 – Green Vein Indo Kratom

Unfortunately, the green Indo we received was not as fresh as all the other products we have reviewed. As we checked the date it was packaged, it was about 9 months old. Our team decided to take this opportunity to reach out to Nova Kratom’s customer service and managed to reach their support team via email.


They replied within the hour by apologizing and offering to ship out a new package of green Indo for free using expedited delivery. It arrived on day 2 and our team managed to continue our review as scheduled. This batch was new, packed about 6 weeks ago. This time, it was fresh and offered a balanced experience.


  •     Week 8 – Red Vein Horn Kratom

For this kratom strain, our team leader told us to take notice of its potency and to compare it to red maeng da. Although we did not have the pleasure of trying Nova Kratom’s red maeng da, this red horn kratom was definitely on par with the red maeng da we have experienced. After the debacle we had with green Indo last week, we were more cautious of the quality of the products. Fortunately, this red horn kratom is just as fresh and potent as expected.


Order #3

For our last order, we placed it 2 weeks before it was scheduled on the 16th January 2022. This allows us to work with any delays if it occurs. Since the holidays are over, this order arrived on time on 19th January 2022, 3 days after the order was placed. Our last order was a little of a bittersweet moment as we were grateful for the end of our rushed schedule but also sad that the review of Nova kratom is coming to an end.


This time, we ordered 250g of the following for $28 each: green Borneo kratom, red Thai kratom, white Borneo kratom, green Thai kratom, green super Malay kratom, green Malay kratom, red Indo kratom, and Trainwreck kratom. The order total came up to $224 and with a 20% discount using the coupon code we were given for the delay in the previous order, our order was only $179.20 with free shipping.


Team A

  •     Week 9 – Green Vein Borneo Kratom

The green Borneo we received from Nova Kratom surprisingly smells amazing. It had a woody earthy scent that was revitalizing. Astoundingly fresh, the experience we had was similar as all members fell in love with the balance it offers.


  •     Week 10 – Red Vein Thai Kratom

A classic strain, we had high hopes for Nova Kratom’s red Thai. Unsurprisingly fresh and potent, the effects kick in within 15 minutes and has a smooth fragrant aroma that we fell in love with. Nova Kratom’s red Thai effectively showed us why this strain remained popular throughout the decades.


  •     Week 11 – White Vein Borneo Kratom

Nova Kratom’s white Borneo was intense and potent. The description on their website was spot on as it was described to be a powerhouse strain that is uplifting and powerful. This strain proved to be too strong for one of our team members and she had to decrease her dosage for the week.


  •     Week 12 – Green Vein Thai Kratom

As the last week for our review with Nova Kratom loomed, our assignment for the week, green Thai turned out to be one of the most enjoyable experiences we had with Nova Kratom. As usual, the product was very fresh, and it had an energizing aroma. Incredibly balanced, the effects of Nova Kratom’s green Thai lasted way longer than anticipated.


Team B

  •     Week 9 – Green Vein Super Malay Kratom

This month, our team was tasked with reviewing green super Malay and green Malay back-to-back to determine the difference. We started off the month with green super Malay and true to its name, it was very potent with effects lasting longer than most kratom strains. We do recommend toning down on the dosage as we all had to do it despite being kratom veterans.


  •     Week 10 – Green Vein Malay Kratom

This popular strain from Nova Kratom was fresh and balanced. It was one of the more stimulating strains and we were able to use it throughout the day. Based on our experience, green Malay was enjoyable and has a similar profile to its super version. For us, the only difference was that it did not “hit” as hard, and we did not have to reduce our dosage as we did with the super version. Both strains were fresh and revitalized us throughout the day.


  •     Week 11 – Red Vein Indo Kratom

One of the older kratom strains out there, the red Indo from Nova kratom was certainly more memorable than others out there due to its freshness and its ability to showcase the best of red vein varieties. Our theory is that its efficiency and reliability could be due to the freshness of the product.


  •     Week 12 – Trainwreck Kratom

The perfect way to close out our review of Nova Kratom, our last week involves us trying their trainwreck kratom. For some of us, it was our first time trying a kratom blend instead of just a singular strain. Our first impression of it was that it was undoubtedly very fresh with a woody earthy scent that was very alluring. Advertised as potent and full spectrum, we were careful with the dosage and started off slow. Fortunately, this was the right way to go as we felt its impact quickly and its effects lasts much longer than anticipated. If you are a kratom veteran who loves to experiment, Nova kratom’s trainwreck kratom is definitely up your alley!



Although Nova Kratom is a new online kratom vendor, the quality of their products has been astounding. Our comprehensive review over the course of 3 months included 24 kratom strains. While we were not able to review all their products, we concluded that these 24 strains are a good reflection of the quality of their products. Overall, Nova Kratom has first-rate products at reasonable prices and incredible customer service. We also like their values such as honoring the Fair-Trade policy, sourcing their products ethically, and their 30-day money back guarantee. Our experience with Nova Kratom has been very enjoyable and we predict that this brand will soon become one of the best kratom vendors on the market.

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