Super White Kratom: Bespoke White Veins Condensed into One

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Super White Kratom is actually an umbrella term that describes a processing method, rather than a unique strain. This is the reason why you might find anything from Super White Borneo to Super White Indo, Maeng Da, and other “Super” strains, depending on the kratom vendor of your choiche. 

Generally speaking, Super White Kratom is considered to have a higher alkaloid content. This explains why its effects are significantly stronger than with other White strains, as well as why so many people prefer it as an alternative to coffee.

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Super White Kratom

What Is Super White Kratom?

Most Super White Kratom is cultivated in the Southeastern island of Borneo, especially in the Indonesian region of Kalimantan. However, almost any White strain can be fashioned into “Super” Kratom. Indeed, the name actually denotes the fact that farmers who wish to produce it only harvest and grind the largest mature leaves from a Kratom tree. Theoretically, this ensures a higher content of alkaloids and a more potent, longer-lasting impact.

However, it is not uncommon for some vendors to overcharge on regular Kratom by misleadingly advertising it as Super White. If you happen to buy one of these batches, you are likely to have an underwhelming experience, not to mention that you subject yourself to the risk of ingesting potentially harmful substances. 

As such, we always recommend to our readers that they order their Kratom exclusively from trustworthy sources. It is also the reason why we appreciate vendors such as The Golden Monk, who ensure the highest standard of quality and always test their products for toxins before shipping.

Super White Kratom Effects and Benefits

Super White Kratom effects can vary depending on the strains that are actually used to make it. While some varieties come from pure White strains, others are a blend of several types of powder and might therefore have an even stronger impact. Some of the benefits that are common across all types of Super White include:

A sharp boost in energy. Super White Kratom is one of the most potent energizing strains. Even in small quantities, it can help consumers stay alert throughout an entire day.

A positive impact on mood. Like White Maeng Da and White Horn, Super White can be used to induce a state of powerful euphoria and general wellbeing. In smaller doses, it acts as a pleasant and motivational pick-me-up.

Enhanced focus. Many Kratom fans have used this plant to give up their addition to coffee because, unlike coffee, it is not overpowering and has less chaotic effects. Although fairly potent, Super White does not cause jitters. Instead, it helps the consumer enter a state of calm focus and become more productive.

Super White Kratom Dosage

Because Super White Kratom effects tend to be rather strong, it is advisable to take less of this strain than you would of other Whites. Those who have no previous experience with Kratom might want to consider a different vein to begin with, but can also take up to 1 gram of Super White to begin with.

Once the body becomes accustomed to the effects of this strain, users can increase the dosage to a moderate 2 to 3 grams. To achieve a state of euphoria and deep relaxation, a dose of 4 to 5 grams is usually sufficient. Any amount above 5 grams is considered to be very heavy and likely to cause side-effects. 

Consumer Reviews

If you don’t know what to expect from this strain, reading a few Super White Kratom reviews might help you prepare for the experience better:

“Over the years, I’ve tried a bunch of Super White varieties, but my absolute favorite is Super White Borneo. This strain just instantly energizes my mind and body and makes me feel like I’m ready to take on the world no matter what.”

Mark: July 8, 2019

“I take Super White Indo to help with my muscle aches after intense workouts. I love it that it doesn’t put me to sleep, though. On the contrary, it gives me a slight jolt and makes me feel like I can do more than sit on my couch in the evening.”

Kelly: October 16, 2019

Super White Kratom Alternatives

Super White Kratom might be too overpowering for some consumers, but there are alternatives that can deliver similar effects on a milder scale. For example, you could experiment with White Bali or White Hulu in order to allow your body to adjust to this vein.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for something stronger than Super White, your best bet is to try White Maeng Da, White Vietnam, or White Horn Kratom. 

Is It Worth Trying?

If you have a favorite White strain, it’s likely that you’ll also be able to find it in Super White. Super White Kratom is actually a great way to keep taking a moderate dose, while experiencing the same effects. It is, however, essential that you only order these blends from reliable vendors such as The Golden Monk in order to avoid disappointing or harmful products.