Red Vietnam Kratom: A Balanced Strain that Hits the Spot

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Although many believe Red Vietnam Kratom to be an entirely new strain, the plant is just as ancient as any other breed of Kratom. The novelty comes from the fact that it hasn’t been marketed for as long as other strains, such as Red Horn or the Red Sumatra.

With regards to Red Vietnam Kratom’s effects, the latter is a milder, more balanced strain that is ideal for beginners. For those who want a moderate effect that places them somewhere in-between stimulation and sedation, Red Vein Vietnam is a perfect choice. We first tried this strain from The Golden Monk collection and, even though we have since experimented with several other good online kratom vendors, their Red Vietnam has continued to have the most long-lasting effect.

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  • Strong pain reliever
  • Strong feelings of relaxation
  • Helps both your mood and sleep
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
2-12 grams (½ tsp - 3 tsp)

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Red Vietnam Kratom

What Is Red Vietnam Kratom? 

Kratom connoisseurs will definitely find Red Vietnam Kratom effects to be quite unique, which is why average and expert users rely on this strain to give them a fresh experience. We know that like most strains of Kratom, Red Vietnam has been used for centuries by populations indigenous to the Southeast Asia region for pain relief, as a local anesthetic, and more.

The strain’s name comes from the place where the plant is cultivated. Despite the fact that Vietnam is a fairly large nation, all Red Vein Kratom comes from the southern province of An Giang, specifically the areas that are closest to the Mekong river. These fertile lands ensure that the strain can thrive and that it has a higher than usual concentration of alkaloids.

Red Vietnam Kratom Effects and Benefits 

Red Vietnam Kratom effects are a more balanced version of what other strains can offer. It may not be the strongest sedative or the most potent stimulant, but its benefits are easily discernable:

Reliable Sedative. Many have found that Red Vietnam is a dependable Kratom strain in terms of alleviating pain. It might not be as potent as the Maeng Da, for instance, but it is definitely effective.

Mild Stimulant. It provides just enough stimulation to make you feel ready and energized, but usually not enough to replace a strong cup of coffee.

Mood Enhancer. With Red Vietnam. you’re more likely to get a pleasant feeling of tranquility and well-being without being overwhelmed.

Red Vietnam Kratom Dosage

The great part about experimenting with your Red Vietnam Kratom dosage is that the consequences of taking 1 additional gram than usual are not that significant. That being said, people who have never taken Kratom should aim for a dose between 1 and 2 grams, just to be safe. 

Beginner Kratom users might fare better with a dose of anywhere between 2 and 4 grams, while regular consumers prefer to take between 5 and 10 grams. It will take a bit of trial and error before you figure out exactly how much Red Vietnam Kratom you should take.

Consumer Reviews 

The Red Vietnam Kratom reviews included below might give you an idea of what other people who have purchased their product from trustworthy Kratom vendors think about the effects of this strain:

After a few failed attempts, I found that Red Vietnam is the best analgesic strain for me. I’m a competing athlete, so there are very few natural products I can use to tone down my aches after a long day of training and this one does the job wonderfully.”

Alexander: March 22, 2019

I’m used to dealing with depression, but I cannot stand not being able to sleep. At a friend’s recommendation, I tried this milder Red Vietnam Kratom to help me relax and improve my sleep quality. It worked like a charm. Thank you!”

Joan: April 13, 2019

Red Vietnam Kratom Alternatives 

If you have tried Red Vietnam, but found that you needed stronger pain relief, Red Borneo or Red Malay Kratom might be more appropriate for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something to induce calmness and peace of mind, Red Horn or Red Indo might be better.

Is Red Vietnam worth trying? 

Red Vietnam Kratom is a great starter product for people who haven’t tried any Kratom strain so far. Much like a sample product, it offers a taste of the manifold Kratom benefits one can enjoy when consuming this plant. To obtain the best results, make sure you only purchase your powder or capsules from a trustworthy vendor like The Golden Monk.