Red Kapuas Kratom Review: A Sub-Strain of its Own

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Red Kapuas Kratom is a sub-strain of the Red Hulu, which is why you might see some kratom vendors market it as Red Hulu Kapuas. Although incredibly similar and interrelated, the two can sometimes have different effects on their users. 

Even if it was introduced to the Kratom world later than some of the most renowned strains, Red Vein Kapuas quickly gained in popularity due to its noteworthy upshot. Personally, we’ve tried Red Kapuas from pretty much every certified website that sold it, but The Golden Monk’s supply was the cleanest, most enjoyable powder so far.

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  • New strain harvested from the shores of the Kapuas Hulu River
  • Known to be some of the finest Kratom available
  • High alkaloid content
2-8 grams (½ tsp - 3 tsp)

Starting Price: $

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Red Kapuas Kratom

What Is Red Kapuas Kratom? 

Red Vein Kapuas Kratom is a subtle variety of the original strain. It boasts a balanced alkaloid profile and, like most potent strains, Red Kapuas is best cultivated in the Borneo region of Indonesia. Here, you’ll often find it growing wild on the banks of the river Kapuas, in areas that are extremely dense in vegetation.

Botanists argue that its native, diverse ecosystem is a major contributor to this strain’s impact on human physiology. However, the West Kalimantan region where you’ll find Red Kapuas has an incredibly low population density, thus making the plant difficult to source. This is why this strain tends to be more expensive than other varieties.

Red Kapuas Kratom Effects and Benefits 

One of the most common Red Vein Kapuas Kratom effects is pain relief, which is why many people turn to it as a way to reduce or eliminate OTC drugs such as oxycodone or Tylenol.

Reliable Analgesic. Red Kapuas will provide you with a way out of the pharmacy drug loop confronted by many patients who struggle with chronic pain. It won’t give you the same euphoria as other drugs, but the pain relief is significant.

Natural Stimulant. For regular users, smaller doses of Red Kapuas Kratom will also yield an energy boosting effect.

Anxiety Management. Trace Red Kapuas effects include reduced stress and improved mood, admittedly to a lesser extent than the previous two benefits.

Red Kapuas Kratom Dosage

Many of the red strains will take anywhere from 20 minutes to a full hour to settle in, so you should either take your Red Kapuas Kratom dosage a bit in advance, if you want a stimulus, or lie back and relax for a while until it kicks in.

The recommended starter dosage is between 1 to 2 grams. Beginners can go up to 3 grams if this is not their first Kratom strain, while the Red Kapuas Kratom capsules dosage for the average person is between 3 and 5 grams. Anything over 5 and up to 10 is considered a strong measure and great caution should be exercised.

Consumer Reviews

Most people try out this sub-strain after reading Red Kapuas Kratom reviews from those who have ordered it before:

“This is my second time around ordering a 250g bag of Red Kapuas and I’m still surprised at how effective it is. I no longer have to take noxious NSAIDs for my pain, which were steadily leading me towards a prescription addiction. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know in a similar situation and several friends have had the same effects!”

Havel: March 19, 2019

“On my last order, I decided to try something new so I went for the Kapuas variety pack, which was an amazing value purchase. So far, I’m almost done with my Red Vein Kapuas and I’m 100% satisfied with my purchase. No other natural product gives me this oomph in the mornings.”

Sherry: September 17, 2019

Red Kapuas Kratom Alternatives 

If you find that the Red Kapuas Kratom effects aren’t that noteworthy for you, you might want to try Red Borneo or Red Sumatra for pain relief, instead. Meanwhile, Red Bali and Red Thai are more suitable as mood enhancers.

Is Red Kapuas Worth Trying? 

Red Kapuas Kratom is still very much a new strain. However, its potent effects guarantee that those who try it become loyal customers for many months to come. To ensure the quality of your Red Vein Kapuas, you should only purchase your Kratom from certified websites who market premium products, such as The Golden Monk.