Miracle Kratom Review: A Small Vendor with a Growing Reputation

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Although Miracle Kratom is yet to gain a foothold in the online Kratom community, their retail business in Columbus, Ohio quickly became renowned for selling quality strains. Recently, they opened yet another shop in Bellevue, Kentucky, and the laurels seem to keep on pouring. Overall, the brand is no more than 4 years old, which would explain their image as a new entrant. You can read more about their products in this Miracle Kratom review. 

Miracle Kratom Review: A Small Vendor with a Growing Reputation

Miracle Kratom Products 

As a rule, we tend to stay away from smoke shops. Miracle Kratom, however, is not your average head shop selling shady, low quality, overpriced merchandise. For one, MK is entirely focused on Kratom. In addition, they are an active part of the growing Kratom community in the U.S., as they regularly donate (and match their clients’ donations) to the AKA.

In what concerns their product offer, Miracle quickly developed a full stock of varied strains. You can basically get anything you want: from Bentuangie to Green Jong Kong Kratom, Red Horn, White Thai, and much more. What we love about their online store is that they didn’t immediately inflate the ratings of individual products with less-than-authentic reviews, as we’ve seen so many new kratom vendors do. They have plenty of real testimonials on their Facebook page.

Although Miracle claims their Kratom is laboratory tested for contaminants and purity purposes, we would have liked to see these analyses. We don’t have any reason to believe this is not the case, but claiming something is true doesn’t make it so.


Unlike many other merchants who seem to take advantage of new clients, Miracle is quite levelled in its approach to pricing. Currently, you can get 1 oz of Red Indo Kratom for $8 and a kilogram for $160. This is yet another factor that usually sets smoke shops apart from legitimate vendors – the former often cut their powder and always offer it at a premium, whereas none of this seems to be the case with MK.

If you’re a veteran Kratom consumer looking for a reliable place to source some bulk Kratom, this shop should be on your shortlist or, at the very least, in your top 5. If nothing else, great prices and quality products are the two main takeaways from this Miracle Kratom review.


Miracle Kratom works with USPS priority mail, but your order will be charged with a standard $7.50 upon checkout. A neat touch is that your package will be shipped in a discreet manner. None of the information on the box or the return address gives anything away in terms of its contents. All orders are processed within 24 to 48 hours from when they are placed and customers receive a tracking number on their e-mail soon thereafter.

Unlike most merchants out there, you can also order to a PO box or a military address. The site doesn’t say whether wholesale purchases benefit from a free delivery option, but this might still be the case. You just have to ring them up and discuss your needs.

Customer Support

Since Miracle Kratom is not the only shop in Columbus, local customers have often compared them with the competition, Releaf Kratom. From what we can tell, this merchant pulls ahead of RK both in terms of customer service and overall consistency of product. Any inquiries or problems are immediately and professionally answered.

Furthermore, MK is always grateful towards loyal customers, as well as to those looking to buy wholesale. The more you’re interested in buying, the more affordable the product, so don’t hesitate to contact them directly and discuss a customized quote for your order.

In both of their retail stores, you can donate to American Kratom Association (AKA) and they will regularly send the organization the contents of the donations box and match whatever is in it to boot.

Client Testimonials 

If you want an unbiased Miracle Kratom review, all you have to do is check their social media pages. The vendor’s clients are often vocal about their experience, which is always helpful for new customers. Here’s what we found:

No matter what you’re selling, a quality product will always stand out and ultimately sell itself. This is the case with Miracle Kratom. I’ve had the opportunity to work with them on a number of orders and I only have praise for them. I received bespoke customer service as well as top notch powders. Their Red Indo and White Vein are really something.”

Joel: November 26, 2019

“Miracle Kratom is the first vendor I tried. Seeing as I was a newbie back then, I decided to go ahead and test the waters a bit more, so I ordered from over 5 different places over the course of a year. Everything else I tried seemed a bit off by comparison to what I received from Miracle. Their Red Elephant and Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom have worked like a charm on my back pains.”

Marcia: April 1, 2019

Is It a Reliable Vendor?

Even though we’d like to see more people try Miracle Kratom out, our opinion is that you can generally rely on them to supply you with quality powder when your favorite vendor is out of stock. 

From where we stand, Miracle ought to publish the lab results of their tested batches, as well as make it clear whether their packaging line is GMP compliant. If they do so and they manage to maintain the same quality of service and product, they have a veritable chance to match the services offered by some of the most trustworthy certified vendors, such as The Golden Monk.

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