Mayan Kratom Review: You Might Want to Avoid This One

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As much as we might want to create a balanced review for all the kratom vendors we look at, there just aren’t many positives to talk about when it comes to Mayan Kratom. The latter is an overall shady company that previously claimed to sell FDA-approved Kratom, which, as all connoisseurs already know, cannot possibly be true. 

What’s worse, in light of this false statement made by the CEO – Wesley Todd – the community then discovered that the man had a significant criminal record and was, in fact, a convicted felon. Even if their products were excellent – which reviewers don’t seem to believe – you would have to think twice before doing business with such a company.

Mayan Kratom Review: You Might Want to Avoid This One

Mayan Kratom Products

Mayan Kratom advertise themselves as the third largest vendor in the United States, but provides no sales figures that would attest this fact. They may as well have claimed that they are the single best Kratom vendor in the world. At this point, both of these statements are equally likely to be true.

In terms of products, MK features a limited selection of just five different strains, which is not necessarily a bad thing. We’ve sampled plenty of vendors with no more than a couple of products on offer and were fully satisfied due to the fact that the excellent quality made up for the lack of diversity. With Mayan Kratom, however, we cannot know whether this is the case.

This vendor sells primarily to small head shops throughout the US and focuses less on individual consumers. You might come across their Maeng Da Supreme, Premium Bali, or Red Vein at your local store, but just because the store keeper decided to order from them doesn’t mean it’s in your best interest to try the products. 

Some Mayan Kratom reviewers seem to appreciate this vendor’s strains, but they are few and far between. The vast majority of people who have provided feedback to MK have complained about poor service and an unsavory line of products.


We’d love to give you specific information about the pricing of Mayan Kratom products, but we can’t do this because this vendor has omitted this important detail on their website. In short, you can only find out how much a strain will cost you by calling MK directly and placing an order. Again, we cannot agree with this way of doing business.

If you look through most local head shops, you’ll find Mayan Kratom products at about $25 per 28 grams, which is a steep premium compared to the current industry average. This begs the question: why would anyone pay such a spicy fee for a powder or bottle of capsules that is not even guaranteed to work?


Not only does Mayan Kratom not tell you how much their products cost, but they also forget to mention anything in terms of shipping. As regular consumers, we already have more than enough reasons to suspect that dealing with this vendor might not be the best decision we’ve ever made. When so much essential information is simply withheld from us, we’d rather take our business elsewhere.

Customer Support

Mayan Kratom does feature an on-site phone number, but according to their Contact Us page, this number is reserved for orders alone. If you have any questions regarding their products, you are forced to use the form and wait for over a day before a customer support rep decides to take a look at your inquiry.

No information about MK’s returns policy is included on their website. We’d like to believe that they have some kind of quality guarantee, but if we’re to go by the rest of their features, we’d probably guess that they don’t accept any returns.

Client Testimonials

Most Mayan Kratom reviews out there focus predominantly on this vendor’s shady past. Those consumers who do talk about their products bring even worse news to the table:

“I bought a small bottle of Mayan Kratom’s Maeng Da Supreme capsules when I ran out of my usual stuff a couple of weeks ago. I got them from the local head shop because the shop keeper recommended them to me, but, boy, am I never going back there again! I had the worst time of my life after the smallest dose and when I tried to get in touch with MK to give them a piece of my mind, I was just stubbed for weeks.”

Sam: December 7, 2019

“My only experience with Mayan Kratom was a bottle of their Red Vein that I got from the local smoke shop on a day when I was feeling particularly adventurous. I got dizzy, nauseous, and just felt out of it for hours after I ingested those blasted pills! Only afterwards did I go online to google the vendor and, lo and behold, everyone said they were pure rubbish. Wish I had looked that up sooner.”

Clara: November 19, 2019

Is It a Reliable Vendor?

Our answer is a firm “no” in the case of Mayan Kratom. Not only does this vendor have a very controversial past, but most of the Mayan Kratom reviews you will find across forums paint a dire picture regarding the quality of their products.

There’s a good reason why Mayan Kratom was banned by the American Kratom Association and we don’t see why we would pay their premium asking price for a product that is likely to be rubbish. We prefer a transparent, reliable, and reputable vendor like The Golden Monk any day of the week.

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