Klarity Kratom Review: A Reliable Wholesale Vendor

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Klarity Kratom is a wholesale vendor based in Los Angeles whose offer is primarily aimed at head and smoke shops throughout the US. If you’ve ever been to a local store to buy Kratom, it’s very likely that you’ve come across this name. Their capsules are very popular with retailers and can only be purchased in bulk for the purpose of redistribution.

With a very limited selection of products, Klarity Kratom has carved a narrow niche for itself in the industry. According to their company statement, their goal is to deliver organic Kratom to consumers, as well as to improve awareness about this herb among the wider public.

Klarity Kratom Products

Klarity Kratom features a collection of only two products – Maeng Da and Red Bali Kratom. These can be purchased in large quantities either as fine ground powder or as capsules, both of which are usually available in head shops that collaborate with KK. Obviously, this is not your run-of-the-mill vendor that sells a wide range of strains and blends. Klarity Kratom have chosen to focus on what they believe to be the most potent, pure Kratom strains and promise to deliver on quality in order to make up for a lack of diversity.

As for whether or not they keep to this promise, we can only say that most retailers praise KK products and are especially satisfied with their Maeng Da variety. Head shops, however, will often focus on sales, rather than quality. The fact that they appreciate Klarity Kratom is not necessarily a tell-tale sign that actual consumers do, too. 

As far as we’re concerned, we are slightly worried about the fact that a notorious Kratom vendor such as Klarity Kratom does not test their products for purity and possible contaminants. At least, they don’t claim that they do on their website, nor do they publish any test results. In today’s industry, this is a significant drawback and one of the big reasons why we tend to prefer more reliable vendors that observe higher quality standards.


The website for Klarity Kratom is rather scarce in terms of information about their products and even pricing. To get a quote for a potential order as a retailer, you must get in touch directly with the company and discuss exact quantities. 

Otherwise, as an individual consumer, you can only buy Klarity Kratom products from a secondary vendor. Whether this is your local smoke shop or an online vendor, the price for KK powders and capsules will inevitably be higher.


Unfortunately, there isn’t any information regarding shipping on this vendor’s website. Presumably, they expect retailers to get in touch and discuss both the pricing of their order and their preferred delivery method on an individual basis. 

Customer Support

You can contact this vendor’s support team either by e-mail or phone. According to most Klarity Kratom reviews, customer support is polite and helpful, while those who send a message by e-mail can expect to receive an answer within the day.

The only thing that is severely lacking when it comes to customer support is this vendor’s website, which lacks essential information and is overall rather sketchy. Even if KK only addresses other retailers, it would still be useful to let potential clients know how their packages will be delivered and whether returns are accepted. Neither of these details is currently mentioned anywhere on-site.

Client Testimonials

Seeing as this is a wholesale vendor whose primary market segment consists of smoke and head shops throughout the country, it’s difficult to find Klarity Kratom reviews from actual people who have tried their products. There are a few mentions of them on Reddit, but these are scattered across various topics and paint the picture of a so-and-so brand:

“Once in a while, I buy a bottle of Klarity Kratom Maeng Da capsules from the local head shop. They have a decent effect on me so I use them as a go-to back-up solution for those moments when I’m all out and a new order from my favorite online vendor is yet to arrive. Although I appreciate the quality of KK’s MD, I wouldn’t buy it regularly simply because it is seriously overpriced where I live.”

Matt: December 3, 2019

“I’ve been in a number of smoke shops around town and while travelling and Klarity Kratom’s MD is always there. I decided to try it once since all vendors seemed to recommend it, but I wasn’t blown away with the effects. I’d rather stick to my favorite online vendor who sells more potent and more affordable MD varieties.”

Zoey: November 29, 2019

According to the majority of Klarity Kratom reviews written by local smoke shop owners, Klarity Kratom is a reliable vendor, while their MD and Red Bali are decent products that sell well across most cities in the US. Does this mean that actual consumers feel the same way? That’s difficult to tell.

If you ask us, we’d always choose one of the top online vendors – such as The Golden Monk – over Kratom from a local shop. Not only do we get a better price this way, but we also have the certainty that the products have been tested for purity and that they are safe for consumption.

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