Green Hulu Kratom: The King of the Indonesian Jungle

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What Green Hulu Kratom lacks in potency, it makes up for in terms of purity. Harvested from the deep jungles of the West Kalimantan region, this Green Vein is often referred to as Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom, because of the Kapuas river that nourishes its growth. Incidentally, the latter is also longest Indonesian river and its banks support a variety of fauna and flora.

Like with most pure strains, Green Hulu’s high alkaloid content guarantees effective sleep management by helping consumers to diminish their anxiety and stress to the point of complete relief. Its mild analgesic impact can be helpful for people who suffer from slight, but enduring musculoskeletal pains.  

  • Has a mild to moderate analgesic effect
  • Can be used to relieve stress
  • Can be used to overcome panic attacks
1-5 grams (¼ tsp - 1¾ tsp)

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Green Hulu Kratom

What Is Green Hulu Kratom?

Grown and harvested on the island of Borneo, pure Green Vein Hulu Kratom is not easy to come by, mainly due the remoteness of the plant’s habitat. Although the Kapuas river supports an abundance of vegetation within the Kapuas Hulu Regency, the area itself is largely uninhabited and mostly comprised of thick, tropical forests. Bending and slithering its way through the dense jungle, the riverside is one of the best places to find wild Kratom. 

Aside from pain relief and relaxation, lower doses of Green Hulu Kratom can also have a stimulant effect. In our experience, however, you need high-quality Kratom powder to obtain these unique effects. Having sampled Green Hulu from over half a dozen different good kratom vendors, we found that The Golden Monk’s variety had the most distinct impact in our case, likely due to the purity of their product.

Green Hulu Kratom Effects and Benefits

If you’re going through a bout of depression or anxiety, odds are that Green Kratom effects can help you overcome these strenuous situations. Here are some of the most frequent Green Vein Hulu Kratom benefits reported by frequent consumers:

Mild pain relief. Although Green Vein Hulu is not strong enough to replace OTC painkillers, it does a fantastic job in reducing muscle soreness or similar aches.

Stress Relief. Moderate doses of Green Hulu Kratom proved to be effective in the management of stress, both incidental and chronic.

Anxiety Control. If you’re having trouble with panic attacks or you regularly experience a profusion of anxiety, Green Hulu is likely to help you attain control once more.

Green Hulu Kratom Dosage

Even though this strain is not as potent as others, we do not recommend you overdo your Green Hulu Kratom dosage. Beginners will likely feel comfortable with 0.5 to 1.5 grams, while Kratom connoisseurs will need a dose that ranges from 2 to 3.5 grams to feel the kick.

If you’re looking to tackle chronic stress, roughly 5 grams of Green Hulu might be needed to break the vicious circle of sleeplessness and pressure. We do not advise that you take a higher Green Hulu Kratom Dosage regardless of your level of experience with this plant.

Consumer Reviews

To see how others have benefitted from Green Hulu they have bought from trustworthy sources, check out some of the Green Hulu Kratom reviews included below:

“Green Hulu is the perfect choice for starters. Two of my closest, life-long friends were diagnosed with depression and this strain helped them manage their situation without any anti-depressants. They were both speechless after the first dose. Just make sure to get your Green Vein from a certified source.”

Adam: February 21, 2019

“At the behest of my partner, with whom I share all my Kratom, we decided switch to a Green Vein after several Red ones didn’t pan out for us anymore. The purity of the product is outstanding and it shows. We couldn’t achieve the same degree of relaxation with any low-cost alternative.”

Sarah: June 2, 2019

Green Hulu Kratom Alternatives

Some people find that Green Hulu Kratom doesn’t work on their physiology as well as it should. Instead of upping the dose, we advise you switch to a different strain. It is not uncommon to experience a higher tolerance to certain varieties of the plant, while also being more sensitive to others. 

Green Indo and Green Vietnam are great choices if you’re looking to relax, whereas Green Borneo and Green Thai are more suitable for mood enhancement.

Is Green Hulu Worth Trying?

Green Hulu Kratom is widely acknowledged as one of the best strains for beginners. Its potency and balance of effects guarantees a distinctive experience for all Kratom users. However, to ensure that your product is 100% pure, premium Green Vein, we advise you purchase it only from certified vendors. Over several years, The Golden Monk has never disappointed us, regardless of what we ordered.