Canopy Kratom Review: Some of the Most Affordable Kratom Money Can Buy

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Canopy Kratom started out as an online vendor specialized in the distribution of Kratom. Recently, however, they have also branched out into a variety of teas, spices, handmade soaps, and even fashionable clothing accessories. 

Now known as Canopy Botanicals, this vendor continues to sell some of the most affordable Kratom packages, although some consumers remain suspicious of the incredibly low prices. Nevertheless, the company has accrued thousands of positive reviews and is considered to be one of the top Kratom providers on the market.

Canopy Kratom Review

Canopy Kratom Products

Canopy Kratom sells a wide variety of strains and blends, but you can no longer find these products simply by accessing the website’s different menus. The only way to consult this vendor’s selection of Kratom is to enter “Mitragyna Speciosa” into their Search bar and press Enter. This will take you to a page where all available varieties are displayed.

Canopy Kratom features a generous offer that includes notorious classics such as all types of Maeng Da, Gold and Red Bali, Green Malay, Green and Red Thai, as well as Red Borneo. In addition, you’ll find a few new strains like Red Ketapang, Royal Bentuangie, Red Remahan Maeng Da, or Super Green Jongkong, all of which are perfect for adventurous types looking to try something new. 

Their two most appreciated proprietary blends are the Stargazer, a mix of Green Maeng Da and White Hulu, and the Pink Elephant, a full-spectrum blend of Elephant, Maeng Da, and Hulu in all colors. 


Incredibly low prices are the factor that truly distinguishes Canopy Kratom from other top Kratom vendors. In fact, their pricing is so low that some consumers wonder whether the powders are made of Kratom at all. After all, no one can explain how this vendor can source Kratom at such a low cost.

Most varieties of Kratom available on their website go for no more than $3.8 per 25 grams, which is ridiculously low. The two proprietary blends are an even better deal, with a price tag of $20 per 250 grams each. 

While some argue that it’s impossible to distribute pure Kratom at such low costs, others have tried multiple powders and have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback. Overall, Canopy Kratom’s supply is a well-kept secret and this has worked to their advantage over the years.


Orders from Canopy Kratom are shipped through USPS Priority Mail in a manner that ensures the lowest shipping cost for each region of the United States. Shipping times may vary according to the time and date when you place your order, but a package is usually delivered in no more than 48 hours. Orders that are placed before 2 PM on Mon-Sat may even arrive on the same day.

Customer Support

Clients who have interacted with manager Alan have had nothing but positive feedback for Canopy Kratom. Although the vendor’s return policy specified that only unopened products can be refunded, some customers who have found a certain powder to be unsatisfactory were able to obtain a replacement after getting in touch with Customer Support.

To contact Canopy Kratom, you must access the special form on their website and send them a message. Although the communication is not as quick as with a phone call, clients report that their messages receive a reply in no more than a day’s time.

Client Testimonials

The key to Canopy Kratom’s success consists of two different factors – unmatched prices and thousands of positive reviews gathered through the years. If you’re worried that their offer is too good to be true, it might help you to consult the feedback of other customers:

“I’ve sampled almost every variety of Kratom from this vendor and I was most intrigued by their Bentuangie. I just love it that the taste is not so overbearing. Instead, there’s a subtle, but noticeable aroma to this blend that allows me to even mix it into a nice cup of tea.”

Craig: July 26, 2019

“Canopy Kratom is just as good as any other top-tier vendor. I don’t know how they manage to keep up these prices, but their Red Hulu is one of the best Red strains I’ve ever had. I’ve also tried their Elephant blends, their Gold Bali, and all varieties of Maeng Da. All excellent!”

Alex: March 13, 2019

Is It a Reliable Vendor?

In spite of what some might say about the incredibly low prices of Canopy Kratom, this vendor has gained nothing but consistently positive feedback. We don’t know how they manage to acquire good-quality Kratom at such an affordable cost, but, at the end of the day, we care more about whether their powders are pure.

Their shipment and return policies may be somewhat lackluster, but this is a small drawback when seen against the possibility to acquire unadulterated Kratom at a bargain.

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