Thai Kratom: A Strain Adapted to New Ecosystems

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Thailand’s history with the Kratom plant is a long and tumultuous affair intertwined with the more recent struggles of the local people. Named after the original country where this strain appeared, the vast majority of Thai Kratom now comes from other places, such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

In 2018, the 40-year absolute ban on the harvesting and consumption of Thai Kratom within Thailand was partially lifted. This allowed people to process and sell the plant for medicinal purposes only. Needless to say, local Kratom farmers are scrupulously controlled and the entire affair is, on the whole, averse to businesses. 

Despite this, the strain has successfully survived in the neighboring jurisdictions and so that we can now enjoy the potency of Thai Kratom anywhere in the world.

  • Pain relief
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Boost of energy
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Anxiety relief
  • Better sleep
  • Longer lasting effects
2-12 grams ((½ tsp - 3 tsp))

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Thai Kratom

What Is Thai Kratom?

Although many vendors will generously and sometimes gratuitously use the Thai Kratom label, only a minor fraction of the Kratom sold throughout the United States actually originates from Thailand. This Kratom strain continues to grow unhindered in the larger region of Indochina and even further south. Still, the potency and notoriety of Thai Kratom usually means the plant is sold out to local, adjacent markets.

A handful of the best Kratom vendors have established thriving business relationships with farmers in Southeast Asia and there are a select number of certified websites where you can get pure Thai Kratom. Having sampled this strain from over 20 different sources, we can say with near certainty that The Golden Monk’s Thai Kratom supply is one of the best you can get. The purity of their merchandise never fails to impress.

Thai Kratom Effects and Benefits

Regardless of the color or blend of your Thai Kratom, this variety will deliver strong, lasting after-effects that average 6 or more hours. Below is a list of the major Thai Kratom strains and their likely benefits:

Red Thai Kratom

One of the most widespread Thai variety is Red Vein Thai. The latter is held in high esteem by the Kratom community, as it is at the forefront of all Red Strains:

Outstanding Analgesic. If you struggle with chronic pains, Red Thai is one of the most effective Kratom varieties in terms of weaning off and even replacing OTC drugs. 

Effective Mood Enhancer. Red Thai Kratom will make it easier for users to manage depression, stress, and anxiety.

Green Thai Kratom

Much like in the case of Red Thai, Green Vein Thai is one of the most potent Green Strain:

Significant Energy Boost. Without a doubt, Green Thai Kratom is one of the strongest energy booster out of all the Green Kratom varieties.

Good Nootropic. If you’re looking for something to help you focus, Green Thai will get you through those days when work is the last thing you want to do.

White Thai Kratom

The last major type of Thai is White Vein Thai. These strains are incredibly effective when it comes to boosting your energy:

Powerful Stimulant. The right dosage of White Thai will easily replace your morning coffee, while the energy boost will carry you throughout the day.

Lasting Euphoria. When taken in higher doses, White Thai is reported to induce tranquil states and euphoric feelings.

Thai Kratom Dosage

Given the potency of Thai Strains, it is imperative that you pay close attention to your Thai Kratom dosage. Even if you have tried Kratom before, we advise additional caution for the first 3-4 doses. 1 to 1.5 grams is a good initial amount, whereas a quantity of 2.5 to 3.5 grams may be more effective once you’ve become used to the strain.

Expert Thai Kratom users will often take anywhere between 4 and 6 grams, but we don’t advise you go this high unless you really know what you are doing. Kratom is known to work better in smaller doses.

Consumer Reviews

If you want to see how others have responded to this type of Kratom, you can read a couple of Thai Kratom reviews included below:

“In my second week of coffee withdrawal, the situation had become dire. While I was keeping the physical symptoms in check, the low morale was really getting to me. I didn’t feel like doing anything at all except for sleeping and going to work. Luckily, my sister-in-law received a fresh order of Green Thai and she generously shared a couple of doses with me. I couldn’t believe how hard it kicks. I had to have my own, so I ordered my first Green Thai within several days.”

William: June 29, 2019

“Since we’ve had to lay off people left and right, my stress levels went haywire. My therapist recommended anti-depressants, but that is not something I want to get into. I postponed them for a couple of weeks in an attempt to find a natural alternative. I never knew there was a certified Kratom vendor in my city until this moment. One the first products I’ve tried was Red Thai and, for the first time in weeks, I could get a good night’s sleep. This stuff is more potent than you think.” 

Amelia: October 24, 2019

Thai Kratom Alternatives

There’s a chance that your physiology or personal tolerance lower the impact of Thai Kratom. In these cases, you can turn to the following alternatives:

Borneo Kratom

This is one of the most widespread strains that seems to be effective on 8 out of 10 consumers.

Maeng Da Kratom

As potent as it is popular, Maeng Da varieties deliver lasting effects. Not suitable for starters.

Vietnam Kratom

Effective and scarce, legitimate Vietnam Strains are hard to come by, but definitely worth the cost. Don’t pass up on a good Vietnam if you have the chance to try it.

Is It Worth Trying?

Despite its rarity, Thai Kratom is a highly appreciated strain whose demand puts a strain on certified vendors and farmers alike. When you do have the chance to sample authentic Thai Kratom, you should absolutely try it.

However, odds are that, much like us, you’ll stumble across many vendors trying to upsell lower quality powder as Thai. That’s why you should find your own trusted vendor and stick to their stock. In our many years of Kratom consumption, The Golden Monk’s blends were always authentic and pure, and you can feel it in the upshot. For personal use, close acquaintances, and family members, we always order from TGM.