Red Dragon Kratom Review: A Subtle Asian Blend

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Red Dragon Kratom is a strain that has only recently entered the global market. In spite of the relative novelty of Red Dragon, its popularity has drastically increased since its release. This has been the case especially among consumers with very stressful and mentally demanding jobs, such as lawyers, doctors, accountants, and others.

Many users report that Red Dragon Kratom effects are actually very similar to those of Red Thai, but distinctive properties can be observed when using pure powder from reputable vendors. For example, the Red Dragon we tried from The Golden Monk has a more uplifting, stimulating effect than the powder we sampled from other sellers. 

  • Stress relief
  • Sedation
  • Analgesic effects
2-12 grams (½ tsp - 3 tsp)

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What Is Red Dragon Kratom?

Unlike most other strains of Kratom, Red Dragon does not take its name from a region of origin. The powder comes from Kratom plants cultivated in Thailand, but the name was actually chosen by a distribution company, Maya Distribution LLC, to help differentiate their product from existing strains. As such, Red Dragon Kratom is essentially a proprietary blend, rather than a standalone strain.

Red Vein Dragon Kratom effects are, according to many regular consumers, reminiscent of Red Thai, a strain that also has its origins in Thailand, but is now grown in Indonesia. While this may very well be the case, it’s important to remember that, when purchased from the best kratom vendors, this variation of Kratom includes a unique mix of several strains. This is, in fact, the reason why Red Dragon effects are quite different from what you’d expect with most red strains.

Following the initial release of Red Dragon Kratom by Maya Distribution, other companies took advantage of the growing popularity of the name and used it to package their own blends. The effects you get with Red Vein Dragon may also differ according to the producer or distributor.

Red Dragon Kratom Effects and Benefits

Red Vein Dragon Kratom shares many of its effects with other red strains. In lower doses, it can act as a replacement for coffee and promote alertness, while in higher doses, it induces a deep feeling of relaxation. However, due to the fact that Red Dragon is more stimulating than other red strains, this blend has been used especially for the following purposes:

To provide an energy boost. Some professions require people to remain alert throughout the duration of an entire day. This can be difficult to achieve without some form of stimulation, which is why Red Dragon Kratom has become particularly popular among these workers, as well as among students.

To sharpen one’s focus. This is one of the more unique Red Dragon Kratom effects. Although you wouldn’t expect it from a red strain, when taken in small doses, Red Dragon can actually increase one’s mental acuity, boost concentration, and enhance one’s overall mental productivity.

To destress after work. Jobs that require a constant state of sharp focus can eventually become overly stressful. The world itself can be an extremely stressful place in these fast-paced times, so it’s no surprise that most people require a bit of help to relax after a difficult day. Although this effect is not as powerful with Red Dragon Kratom as with other strains, the latter can be used in higher doses to induce a state of peacefulness and calm.

Red Dragon Kratom Dosage

The correct dosage for any strain/blend of Kratom depends greatly on your unique physical constitution. In addition, people who use Kratom regularly may eventually develop a higher tolerance to its effects and therefore require higher doses. However, it is ill-advised for beginners to attempt such doses on their first tries. Otherwise, the outcomes may be the opposite of what you would expect.

As a general rule, those who have never tried Kratom before should take no more than 2 grams of Red Dragon to begin with. Once you become familiar with the effects of the plant on your body, you can attempt to gradually increase the dosage to 3 grams, for an energy boost and sharper focus, or 4 to 6 grams, for an analgesic and sedative effect.

Consumer Reviews

Often the best way to decide on a particular strain of Kratom is to read what other users have said about it. The Red Dragon Kratom reviews included below come from consumers who have purchased their powder or capsules from trustworthy vendors.

“Having tried all manners of Red Kratom, I find that Red Dragon distinguishes itself from other strains especially when it comes to small doses. I usually take ½ teaspoons to get a quick energy kick during the day and it works like a charm.”

Paul: April 10, 2019

“Red Dragon Kratom is the reason I can still have a life after work. I come home exhausted, but mix 2-3 grams with my tea and get an immediate boost in mood and energy levels. I can then go out with my friends or do something motivating instead of just crash on the couch right away.” 

Christina: June 23, 2019

Red Dragon Kratom Alternatives

Most consumers who prefer Red Dragon Kratom praise this blend for its intensity and its ability to immediately lift their spirits. If small doses of Red Dragon no longer have these effects for you, you can try a couple of alternative strains, with a similar effect, such as Red Thai or Red Malay Kratom

Improved mental acuity is also essential for some users of Red Vein Dragon Kratom. A good alternative to obtain the same mental benefits is Red Hulu Kratom.

Is Red Dragon Worth Trying?

If nothing else, Red Dragon Kratom is quite different from other red strains. If you want to try something new and you’re looking for a boost in mood and energy, then this blend might be a good place to start.

Before you try Red Dragon Kratom, remember that this is a proprietary blend, rather than a standalone strain. To experience its unique effects, you must obtain it in its original, pure form, which you can only do if you order your Red Dragon from a reliable vendor such as The Golden Monk.