Indo Kratom: A Natural Alternative to Addictive Stimulants

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Indo Kratom is a well-balanced strain that covers a wide range of mild to moderate effects. Although it is not as strong as some of the other Kratom varieties, this is viewed as an advantage by many consumers looking for an intermediate strain.

The two most common benefits associated with Indo Kratom, regardless of color, are pain relief and mood enhancement. Even White Indo retains some of the strain’s analgesic properties, albeit on a much smaller scale. Indo Kratom is widely available on the global market, which also means its price is fairly low compared to other varieties.

  • Significant feelings of well-being and happiness
  • Euphoria
  • Muscle relaxation
2-12 grams ((½ tsp - 3 tsp))

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Indo Kratom

What Is Indo Kratom?

Indo Kratom is a comprehensive umbrella term that encompasses all strains of Kratom growing across more than 17,000 Indonesian islands. This leaf does not require any special environmental conditions to grow, which explains its wide availability and its modest price.

However, it is not uncommon for good online kratom vendors to mislabel their products as Indo Kratom in order to dispose of sub-par powder at a profit. For this reason, it is important that you only order your Indo powder from reliable sellers who test for purity and are willing to share their results with the public. Over several years of experience with Indo Kratom have taught us that, in the case of this strain, the most consistent and powerful variety is sold by The Golden Monk.

Indo Kratom Effects and Benefits

Although it takes longer to kick in, Indo Kratom is notorious for its mood-enhancing effects, as well as the fact that it maintains its analgesic properties regardless of its color. However, there are subtle differences between the following four varieties:

Red Indo Kratom

Like most Red Kratom strains, Red Indo is predominantly used for sedative and analgesic purposes. Its effects include:

Strong pain relief. Red Indo is among the strongest Red veins and can be used to consistently reduce recurring pain and relax the muscles.

Mild sedative effect. Consumers report that Red Indo does not make them as drowsy as other Red strains, but a mild sedative effect can be obtained with higher doses. This is especially useful for people who struggle with insomnia, anxiety, or depression and who require a sedative in order to obtain a restful sleep.

Green Indo Kratom

This strain is the most suitable variety for beginners. Its effects are milder than those of Red and White Indo, but cover a wider spectrum of possible Kratom benefits. Green Indo is often used as:

A mild analgesic. This strain is not as useful as Red Indo in terms of pain relief, but its advantage is that it does not cause drowsiness. It can therefore be taken by people who need relief from mild chronic pain, but who wish to go about their daily routine without interference.

A moderate boost of energy. In small doses, Green Indo can act as a reliable pick-me-up halfway through the day. Its effects are slightly slower than with other Green veins, but they are also long-lasting. 

White Indo Kratom

White Indo Kratom has a powerful energizing effect, but is most praised for its mood enhancing properties. Its most appreciated uses include:

Recreation and euphoria. White Indo is one of the few milder strains that can help the consumer achieve a state of relaxed euphoria. The effect is not too overpowering, which makes this strain suitable for most beginners.

Energy and focus. In smaller doses, White Indo Kratom delivers a powerful energy boost and can help the user concentrate throughout the day.

Super Indo Kratom

You’ll often find this strain under the name of “Super Green” or “Super White” Kratom. The adjective is meant to describe a specific processing technique that greatly increases the alkaloid content and therefore the potency of the final powder. Super Indo Kratom is best described as:

A powerful energizer. This strain can be overpowering for beginners, but is often used by experienced consumers to replace coffee and other potentially harmful energizers.

An immediate mood enhancer. Unlike other Indo strains, Super Indo has a quicker effect. In higher doses, it can create a strong feeling of euphoria and general wellbeing, while in smaller doses, it tends to have a motivating impact.

Indo Kratom Dosage

The correct Indo Kratom dosage is different for each strain. For example, the maximum dose for Red and Green Indo is 8 grams, whereas more than 5 grams of White Indo can result in unwanted side-effects. Super Indo Kratom is particularly strong and should be taken in small doses to avoid an unpleasant experience.

In addition, the right dosage can also depend on your specific physical characteristics. Just to be on the safe side, beginners who have never taken Kratom before should start with no more than 1 gram. This dose can be increased gradually until the desired effects are achieved, although it’s advisable to take as little Indo Kratom as possible in order to avoid tolerance to this strain.

Never tried this strain before? These Indo Kratom reviews might help you decide whether you’d like to give it a shot:

“Indo Kratom is the perfect strain for beginners. It’s not too weak, but not too overpowering either. Plus, you can experience most benefits of Kratom in just one dose, regardless of the color. My favorite is Green Indo, which is brew into a tea before noon to help revitalize my mind and body.”

Alice: April 9, 2019

“My arthritis is at its worst during the morning, so I needed a strain that offered pain relief without sedation. Both Green and White Indo worked wonders for me. The smallest dose soothes my joints and helps me feel more motivated.”

Joshua: September 14, 2019

Indo Kratom Alternatives

If you take Indo Kratom for a long time, you might develop a tolerance to this strain. At first, you might be able to compensate for this by increasing your dose, but this cannot last indefinitely. Once you’ve hit the maximum dose and no longer feel the same effects, it’s time to try one of these alternative strains:

Thai Kratom

This strain is quite similar to Indo Kratom in terms of intensity and can be used for a smooth transition. A subtle difference is that Thai Kratom tends to be more energizing and less of a analgesic/sedative.

Malay Kratom

If you need Indo Kratom for pain relief purposes, you’ll find that Red and Green Malay are both a reliable replacement. These are not much stronger than Indo Kratom, which means they are still suitable for beginners.

Borneo Kratom

Should you wish to transition from Indo Kratom to a more potent strain, Borneo Kratom might help you achieve better results. Red Borneo is especially loved throughout the Kratom community due to its powerful, long-lasting analgesic effect.

Is It Worth Trying?

Indo Kratom is a favorite strain among consumers looking to achieve a state of happiness and wellbeing. In addition, its analgesic effect is maintained regardless of the color, which makes it a great option for people who struggle with mild to moderate chronic pain.

Remember, however, that quality makes a tremendous difference in Kratom. To ensure that you experience the full range of Indo Kratom benefits, order your powder exclusively from reliable vendors such as The Golden Monk.