Bentuangie Kratom: A Fermented Strain to Chill You All Day

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Bentuangie Kratom is one of those new strains that’s hard to pinpoint. Although many have touted its benefits and unique upshot, some Kratom consumers don’t find it that different from most Red Veins. As is the case with almost all novel products, Bentuangie’s effectiveness has to be established on more than an individual basis.

Our experience with Bentuangie Kratom confirms this hit or miss characteristic. On the one hand, our failures with the strain stem mostly from low quality products from second and third- rate vendors. Premium Bentuangie, on the other hand, seems to have a potent, long-term euphoric effect.

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Bentuangie Kratom

What Is Bentuangie Kratom?

Unlike Vietnam or Sumatra, the name Bentuangie Kratom does not refer to the origin of the plant, but rather to the way that it is processed. Although we do not know the method of obtaining quality Bentuangie Vein down to the finest of details, all of which tend to have an outstanding impact in the case of Kratom, we do know that both oxidation and fermentation play an important role. 

Depending on how it was dried and processed, Bentuangie can either be Red or Yellow (Gold). These are the two main sub-strains currently sold by certified vendors. Which of the two you get depends entirely on their network of suppliers. We’ve sampled Bentuangie Kratom from the best kratom vendors and few of them have delivered a product whose purity is comparable to the assortment we got from The Golden Monk.

Bentuangie Kratom Effects and Benefits

Red and Golden Bentuangie are the two most important strains when it comes to fermented Kratom:

Red Bentuangie Kratom

Red Bentuangie takes and improves on some of its benefits from the Red Vein Kratom used in its production:

Enduring Energy Booster. Unlike most Red Veins, Red Bentuangie Kratom will last up to 8 hours per dose. Sometimes, even more. The energizing effect is not as potent as with most White strains, but its long-lasting duration is certainly a plus.

Good Analgesic. The painkiller effect is also longer in Red Bentuangie, which is why some patients suffering from chronic pain choose it over NSAIDs.

Yellow Bentuangie Kratom

Yellow Bentuangie complements the benefits of its Red Vein cousin, which makes it more suitable for evenings:

Good Pain Relief. Although not as potent as the Red variety, Yellow Bentuangie still delivers a noteworthy painkiller effect.

Mood Enhancement and Euphoria. In higher doses, Yellow Bentuangie will help you deal with your emotions in a constructive manner. It can even be used to achieve a state of euphoria.

Bentuangie Kratom Dosage

Despite the fact that this Kratom strain isn’t as potent as other products, we still advise you exercise caution every time you chose your Bentuangie Kratom dosage. You can start off with a dose of 1 to 1.5 grams and, after several tries, work your way to a moderate amount of 2 to 3.5 grams. 

Casual Kratom consumers usually need 4 to 6 grams of Bentuangie to feel its kick, while some experts go even higher than that. We wouldn’t recommend you do this, though, as unwanted side-effects are very likely to occur with such generous amounts.

Consumer Reviews

If you want to find out what others think about this Kratom strain, feel free to read several Bentuangie Kratom reviews:

“I’ve tried nearly a dozen Kratom strains until my first batch of Bentuangie. Although I didn’t know what to expect, I was glad that I took my Red Bentuangie in the morning. It gave me a smooth and lasting boost of energy all day long. No jitters, no hyperactivity. It’s been in my rotation ever since.”

Harry: January 31, 2019

“Because I often work the graveyard shift, sleeping doesn’t come that easy to me. After a full night of being on-call, I end up in bed tossing from one side to the other without much success. After trying Red Vietnam and Red Maeng Da without much success, I switched over to Yellow Bentuangie to see if it helps. I could not have asked for a more restful, 8-hour sleep. Bentuangie Kratom saved my hide.”

Sloane: February 28, 2019

Bentuangie Kratom Alternatives

For those who may prove to be either tolerant or non-responsive to Bentuangie Kratom, other strains might be more effective:

Borneo Kratom

A great strain for beginners and casual consumers alike, Borneo varieties have a full-spectrum of benefits.

Bali Kratom

A fairly strong strain, Bali is often used by Kratom consumers to wind down and blow some steam.

Malay Kratom

The unique selling point of Malay strains are their lasting effects. They are great for pain management and mood enhancement.

Is It Worth Trying?

If you didn’t try Bentuangie Kratom just yet, you should absolutely give it a go. The strain is suitable for beginners, casual, and expert consumers alike. In addition, most people find it has a better taste than regular powder, which definitely helps if you like to brew your product into a tea, rather than gulp it down.

One thing you should pay attention to is where you purchase your Bentuangie Kratom. Close to 90% of all Bentuangie we’ve sampled was subpar. Imagine our surprise when we stumbled across the potent Bentuangie sold by The Golden Monk. So far, we couldn’t find a vendor that matches the level of purity in their products.