Bali Kratom: A Staple Variety for Newcomers and Experts

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Bali Kratom is one of the most potent and widely available strains currently on the market. For decades, it has been used as the standard for all other strains of Kratom, first, due to its potency, and second, due to its wide range of effects. Whenever Kratom connoisseurs discuss a new blend, the first thing they do is to compare it to Bali.

Naturally, it helps that there is almost never a shortage of this type of powder. The strain is fairly easy to produce, which means that its price is also lower than that of most alternative varieties of Kratom. In other words, Bali seems to have it all. It’s a powerful strain with a complete mix of effects and benefits, but, at the same time, it remains affordable for most consumers. 

  • Significant feelings of well-being and happiness
  • Euphoria
  • Boost of energy
2-12 grams ((½ tsp - 3 tsp))

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Bali Kratom

The only flaw you might attribute to this strain is that it takes slightly longer to kick in than others: a small price to pay for its extraordinary quality.

What Is Bali Kratom?

The name of this strain can be misleading. Most varieties of Kratom carry the name of the region where they are cultivated and processed, but this is not the case with Bali. Although, at one point in time, the latter was exported primarily through port cities in the Indonesian island of Bali, the plant itself was never grown here. Like today, most Bali Kratom actually came from the large southeastern island of Borneo.

In fact, Bali Kratom is a blend of multiple strains that usually include Borneo and Sumatra. This partly explains its incredible potency, but it also makes it possible for untrustworthy vendors to mislabel sup-bar powders as Bali. Each distributor uses a unique blend in their version of Bali Kratom. As a consumer, it’s best to order exclusively from sellers who are transparent and exact about the substances that go into their products.

For example, we have sampled Bali Kratom of all colors from over a dozen vendors. We did this over a period of several years in order to test for both the quality and the consistency of each Bali variety. In our experience, Bali Kratom powder from The Golden Monk has the most satisfying and the most consistent range of benefits. We continue our quest to find the best Bali Kratom in the world, but, so far, we could never top the products we sampled from TGM.

Bali Kratom Effects and Benefits

Bali Kratom effects are praised for both their potency and their diversity. If you’re looking for a strain that can deliver most, if not all, the benefits of Kratom in one dose, Bali is one of the few complete options. Of course, some effects are more prominent than others in different types of Bali. As a general rule, the latter are classified according to color as red, green, and white.

Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali Kratom is one of the most popular strains worldwide. Its effects are largely focused on the sedative/analgesic side of the spectrum, while its potency ensures that consumers are not required to take high doses in order to experience the benefits. The most commonly reported Red Bali Kratom effects include:

Excellent pain relief. Red Bali is one of the strongest Red Kratom strains when it comes to its analgesic effect. Although the powder does take some time to kick in, it can be used to successfully relieve moderate to sharp recurring pain.

Sedative impact. Those who struggle with insomnia or are generally unable to obtain a good night’s sleep can use Red Bali to enter a state of deep relaxation before going to bed. Most consumers find that this helps them wake up more energized and motivated.

Green Bali Kratom

Like most strains of this color, Green Bali is usually placed between its Red and White counterparts in terms of effects and benefits. Although it maintains some of its analgesic properties, it is also less likely to cause sedation in small doses and can therefore be used at any time in the day. Green Bali Kratom effects include:

Mild to moderate pain relief. Green Bali might not be as strong as its Red sister strain, but it is nevertheless powerful enough to soothe moderate recurring pains. Its advantage is that it does not make the consumer dizzy or drowsy, which means that it does not interfere with their work.

A slight boost of energy. This type of Bali Kratom replaces sedation with a slight energizing effect. It helps the consumer feel more motivated, focused, and ready to tackle the challenges ahead. 

White Bali Kratom

White Bali is the least likely to relieve pain, but its significant energizing potential makes it a suitable replacement for coffee. The most widely acknowledged White Bali Kratom effects include:

A sharp boost of energy. In general, White Kratom is used as a natural energizer and an alternative to other substances such as coffee, which might generate unpleasant side-effects in some consumers. White Bali is one of the most potent options in this respect. Its effects are quick and long-lasting.

Nootropic properties. White Bali Kratom has been reported to help consumers enter a state of resolute focus. Professionals who are required to maintain high levels of concentration for extended periods of time prefer White Bali for its immediate and durable cognitive enhancement properties.

Bali Kratom Dosage

Like any ingestible substance, Bali Kratom can have negative side-effects when consumed irresponsibly. It is essential that you are frugal with your doses both in order to avoid unpleasant effects and to delay the development of tolerance to a particular strain. Once your body becomes too accustomed to the effects of Bali Kratom, for example, you might need to gradually increase your dose and eventually switch to a different strain. To avoid this, take Kratom in small doses and only several days apart

The correct dose can depend on a number of factors, including your physical constitution and your existing experience with Kratom. In addition, different types of Bali can have a different effect on your body, which is why you should follow exact dose recommendations for the specific strain you are taking.

Red Bali, for example, can be taken in doses of 2 to 8 grams, whereas a dose of Green or White Bali should not be greater than 6 grams. As a beginner with no previous experience with Kratom, start with no more than 1 gram of Bali powder and build your way up in gradual increments of 0.5 grams at a time. Remember that the smaller your doses, the longer you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of this strain.

Consumer Reviews

If you’re not yet convinced whether you’re interested in this strain, a few Bali Kratom reviews from other consumers might help you make a decision. Remember, though, that the only way to obtain the positive effects of any Kratom variety is to take pure powder from the best kratom vendors:

“A few years ago, my pulmonary doctor recommended Red Bali Kratom to help ease the pain I felt as a result of a persistent cough. I have since been diagnosed with COPD and have had to adjust to the fact that I would continue to feel this discomfort in my chest. The one thing that kept me going was the fact that I could use this completely natural remedy to soothe my pain.”

Felix: August 24, 2019

“I started taking Kratom for recreational purposes. I first experimented with Green Bali, which seemed to be the most popular at the time, and I was amazed at how effective this plant was in terms of relaxation and energy. It made me feel confident and sociable and, even though I’ve tried dozens of strains since then, I still think Green Bali has the absolute best effects for me. Plus, it’s really cheap compared to other options.”   

Olivia: June 17, 2019

Bali Kratom Alternatives

Taking Bali Kratom for an extensive period of time can result in your body developing a tolerance to this strain. If you find yourself in this situation, it might be a better idea to switch to a different, similar strain, rather than increase the dosage. A few good alternatives include:

Maeng Da Kratom

Considered to be even stronger than Bali Kratom, Maeng Da strains are not suitable for beginners, but can be used to overcome a tolerance to the former. Maeng Da Kratom comes in all three colors and is famed for its wide variety of powerful effects.

Sumatra Kratom

Usually included in the composition of Bali Kratom, Sumatra strains are similarly strong, although slightly rarer. Unlike the former, Sumatra Kratom acts more quickly and can therefore be used for an immediate boost in energy and mood.

Gold Bali Kratom

Obtained from the same strains used in the processing of Bali Kratom, Gold Bali takes longer to produce due to the fact that the leaves must undergo a special drying and fermentation process. Overall, Gold Bali Kratom has similar effects, but tends to be more well-balanced and stronger.

Is It Worth Trying?

Though new strains continue to make their way to the international Kratom community, Bali Kratom remains a classic favorite and the standard against which all other varieties are tested and judged. Any Kratom connoisseur must try Bali Kratom at one point or another.

Especially if you’re a new user, however, it is essential that you only order your Bali Kratom powder from a reliable vendor such as The Golden Monk. This will ensure that you experience the strain’s effects and benefits to their fullest, while also avoiding sub-par products that may even affect your health.