Summer update

Posted on by Marnie Galloway

THIS WEEKEND: watch out, Minneapolis! Autoptic is the next-to-last show in my busy summer of comic expos, and this one promises to be extra interesting, bringing in printmakers, musicians and all form of DIY makers in one gigantic celebration. After SPX next month, I'll write up a full review of all the shows I'm grateful to have attended this year--always catching up!

Sounds and Seas Vol II

Sounds and Seas Vol II

I'm also digging in deep to Volume II of "In the Sounds and Seas," which I'm aiming to debut at TCAF 2014! After two pages I ran in to some really frustrating technical difficulties; for Vol I I used very fine-nibbed Rapidograph pens, but Vol II seems to be a curse for those suckers. Nib after nib clogged, or never ran ink, or broke in such a way that instead of the gorgeous, clean line I expect from the pen, a giant ink blob drips out on my page. I finally gave up on Rapidographs, giving them a solemn burial in a shoebox on my shelf, and moved on to Microns. With that, I'm off to the races! Finished pages will be posted on my Tumblr (when I get the time to scan them), or follow me on Instagram for more in-process pictures like above (plus pictures of tacos and cats). 


More exciting news to come at the beginning of fall. Til then!