Sounds and Seas II: in progress!

Posted on by Marnie Galloway

Follow my progress on the next Sounds and Seas on Tumblr! Now that festival season is behind me I'm going full-on cave-troll, hiding in my studio to work on the next volume of the book and a handful of exciting freelance projects and side projects. I had an amazing year traveling to shows (Chicago Zine Fest, SPACE, TCAF, CAKE, Autoptic, an SPX), and I feel privileged to have met and befriended so many kind and hilarious and mindbogglingly talented artists, but it sure feels good to be back at the drafting table. Volume II will be a double-volume just like the Xeric version of Volume I, and I'm working hard to be able to debut the book at TCAF 2014 (fingers crossed). 

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See y'all around! 

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