Posted on by Marnie Galloway

The deed is finally done! My submission packet is out the door, which is thrilling and nerve-wracking and a huge relief.  Though I can't share all the work I did for it here (proposed terms of sale and marketing strategies aren't terribly thrilling to read about), there is one part of the packet that led to a New Thing In the World. A part of the submission packet requirement was sending as close-to-finished a mock-up as I had available. After hemming and hawing over how best to do that, I ended up reformatting the files to be compatible with's print-on-demand requirements and ordered a handful of books. They were delivered at the end of last week (just in the nick of time, I might add, even with expedited shipping), and it was thrilling to receive. Look! An honest-to-goodness book, with my new cover! And hey, a bar code and ISBN and everything!


It's been a strange process, revisiting and re-packaging this story that I have already celebrated being done in months past. Strange, but definitely good. Now I wait 3-4 weeks to hear if my packet has been accepted, at which point I go into high gear and tell Salsedo Press, my favorite offset shop, to start the presses. If not, I go back into high gear and tell Salsedo Press to start the presses for a slightly smaller number of orders. Either way sounds great to me, but I can't jump til I get that letter (or call? or email?) back.

Now that this is out of my hands, I can get back to making new things. I've got a big and exciting (if amorphous at this point) project coming up in mid-November, but while I mull over those details I am going to try to crank out a few small, not connected to Sounds and Seas comics, just for myself.  Oh, and the next volume of Sounds and Seas, of course! Oh, and a few new prints in the works, for an exciting October print show! 

Goodness. Back to work, I reckon.