Miles to Go Before I Sleep: November 2012

Posted on by Marnie Galloway

Happy November! I can't believe that I didn't share anything here last month: it was a full-to-the-brim-with-work period, but mostly preparatory and planning kinds of tasks. Now that it's November, I get to do things out in the world again, such as:

NOVEMBER 12 - 19: I am going on COMICS ASSIGNMENT! Saveur Magazine, the foodie's friend & comrade to the common cartoonist, is sending me to Marrakech and Madrid for a week of classy hotels, fancy food and beautiful scenery. I did a recipe comic for them over the summer, and can't wait to do a big old travel-and-food adventure comic when I return. For a similar project, check out the really beautifully told travel comic about Lucy Knisley's trip to Tanzania. (And holy cow, if you're hungry check out these 9 completely different Thanksgiving menus + recipes!)

NOVEMBER 16: BRAIN FRAME 9! I am so totally thrilled about participating in this event. Yes, I will technically be in Africa the night of the performance, but with enough forethought and planning (and kind accommodation on the part of the Event Master), I've figured out a way to do both! You'll have to show up to the event to see what happens, but suffice it to say I've spent the last week sewing and hammering and painting and drawing in an apartment-consuming frenzy to bring something really huge to the stage.  RSVP HERE, and BE THERE:  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16TH, 9:00PM :: 1542 N MILWAUKEE, 2ND FLOOR :: $7

NOVEMBER TBA: IN THE SOUNDS AND SEAS VOL I goes to press! I got word in mid-October that Diamond Distribution is going to pick up Volume I of 'In the Sounds and Seas.' We are still working through the details, but HUZZAH! Once we iron out the nitty gritties, I'll make a more detailed post about the whole process of becoming a new small-press vendor to a big national distributor, and when (and where) you can expect to see the new book. 

NOW: back to work!