In the Sounds and Seas: Volume 1

Posted on by Marnie Galloway

Monkey-Rope Press is proud to announce that our labor of love, In the Sounds and Seas: Volume I, is now available for sale. You can purchase a copy for $15, or subscribe to receive each volume as it is produced for $72 (discounted at $12/copy). In the Sounds and Seas was printed in a limited edition of 175; the cover was letterpress printed from two hand-carved linoleum blocks on a Vandercook proofing press, and the text block was offset printed by Salsedo Press in Chicago, IL.

This 22-page mini-comic is the first volume of a six-part, wordless narrative about obsessive creative production and failure. Volume 1 frames the future volumes, as 3 storytellers sing the tentative world of the rest of the story into existence.

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.


Thanks to Salsedo Press for their beautiful work printing the text block and finishing the book; to Evanston Print and Paper for their open studio access and help accommodating last-minute press needs for printing the cover; to Julie and Andy at Letterform for your enthusiasm and technical expertise; to Sarah at Slow Industries for inspiration, encouragement and regular venting of built-up steam; to Sophie, Furu, Joe and Jennifer for your critical feedback when this project was just a few rough paragraphs on a page; to my parents Lori and Jerry for your unwavering support; to all of my friends and family for being patient with me these last 6 months as I've turned down social events and cut short conversations to keep working in anxious isolation on this project; and finally, thanks to my husband Tom, for literally everything.