Posted on by Marnie Galloway

It was an exciting day in the mail room here at Monkey-Rope Press.

Not only is French Paper the preferred paper source for our prints and illustrative dallyings, they are practically neighbors: shipments to Chicago are almost guaranteed to arrive next-day. Local, high-quality paper with fast delivery? We can't ask for anything better! Newly on the agenda for tomorrow: building a first-draft mockette.

Secondly, a collection of books. I just finished reading The Wave which was edge-of-your-seat exciting, but less directly applicable as research for my book project than I'd hoped. Next on the list, Sailing Alone Around the World and Single-Handed Sailing.

Last but not least, an unexpected and wonderful gift from Colorado:

In June of this year, I contributed three prints to the "Pressed" show at the Denver Pavillions, organized by the inspired printers and designers at Matter. The organizers of the show sent the above print as a thank-you. Count me charmed and delighted!