Found: Letterpress Ephemera

Posted on by Marnie Galloway

Monkey-Rope Press is back in business after a 10-day-long holiday travel hiatus. Before heading south to Austin, Texas to spend time with family, I stopped in St Louis for a long weekend to visit more family and friends. A highlight of the trip was an evening spent at the City Museum, a 10-story former shoe factory in down town St Louis that was converted in 1997 into a surreal spectacle of a playground. It is not a museum where one walks through with silent reverence: the space is built of the city, pieced together from architectural salvage and abandoned ephemera, and the purpose of the space is play instead of contemplation. Used rebar is repurposed into climbing tubes, deep-fry pans pave the bathroom like bricks, and the walls of the cafe next to a coat check room are lined with old magnesium letterpress plates.

A sample detail of the wall

 Found wood type at the coat check/letterpress room's entrance 

Now that I have returned from out-of-town holiday adventures and have proven myself a true glutton in the face of home-made cookies, I am pleased to be back in the studio facing my work. The Queer History print series is taking a back seat for a few weeks so that I can focus more intently on the book project, in hopes of getting demonstrable progress made in time for an early-March grant deadline. Today I order paper to build my first draft mock-up, and continue to research and sketch sample pages. Off to work!